RAVE to the young gentleman in Safeway who stepped closer than 6 feet to pick up something an elder lady dropped, then stopped himself and stepped back saying, “Oops!” We all agreed it was the thought that counted. The second thought too!

RAVE to our children and everyone like them. For a time we, mostly their mother, were looking after four under the age of 4. Now, as we shelter, the four are looking after two under 90. 

RAVE to the contributor who reminded me that my prepandemic habit of moving our neighbors’ paper closer to their door might no longer be appropriate for them. Rave also for my neighbors’ courtesy and permission to continue.

RAVE to my auto insurance company for establishing a customer-relief refund and sending me a refund for part of my auto premium. This senior is very grateful.

RAVE to a construction worker who noticed a family of geese crossing Northeast Eighth Street in Bellevue the other morning and stopped traffic to avert a tragedy!

RAVE to manager Joe at McLendon Hardware in White Center. I’m in the vulnerable group right now and I was desperately in need of some supplies for my garden, but I have never done any online shopping. Joe explained everything with such patience and reassurance. I was able to place an order, pay and pick it up. This experience restored my sense of independence and accomplishment. Because of people like him, people like me support our local stores.


RAVE to folks who understand that when they’re wearing masks, they’re protecting me and when I wear mine, I’m protecting them. When we accept the instruction that each us of needs to “act as if” we have this virus, we stand a better chance of getting through these times until a vaccine is found. That will help our health and the economy.

RAVE to the kindhearted people who stopped to help me and my husband after I tripped on our walk near John Muir Elementary School the other afternoon.

RAVE and thank you to the gentleman who was kind enough to knock on my car window and check on me the other week, waking me up after I had fallen asleep at a signal. I’d been having trouble sleeping in the intense heat we had and it must have caught up with me. Thank you again, kind sir, and I apologize to anyone and everyone that I may have inconvenienced. It was certainly not intended. 

RAVE to the employees at VA Puget Sound Health Care System on Beacon Hill for still showing up to work, streamlining a screening system and nasal swab stations with appointments so there’s no waiting in long lines, and maintaining a cheerful, helpful attitude!

RAVE to Canlis for livestreaming a piano player and bingo on Friday nights. Great entertainment and I get to support a charity.