RAVE to the gentleman who bought hand sanitizer for me at the Westwood Village QFC when I forgot my wallet. Good karma to you, kind sir!

RAVE to all the beautiful gardens bringing colorful joy to the spring landscape in these stressful days. Rave also to the folks who take care of them and help to create and maintain their beauty.

RAVE to my Wedgwood neighbor, Robin, who has made and given away over 100 cloth masks! Rave also to the woman who responded to her request for fabric on Wedgwood Nextdoor and gave her sacks of cloth for more masks. Finally, another rave to everyone I see at the grocery and drugstores who are wearing masks to keep us all safe.

RAVE to the Bank of America branch on South 320th Street in Federal Way. The organization, efficiency and courtesy of the staff make banking a pleasant experience during these trying times.

RAVE to stores that require customers to wear masks. We accept the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule for health reasons. In 2020 it’s “no mask, no service.” It’s the least we can do to protect all.

RAVE to the very helpful and friendly woman at Washington State Department of Social and Health Services who helped me figure out and submit a benefits form on behalf of my 90-year-old grandmother who lives by herself and does not use a computer. She made the process easy and seamless and truly made my day!


RAVE to the West Seattle angel who delivered May Day baskets with fresh flowers to the homes in my neighborhood. What a lovely thing to come home to! Thank you so much! Simple things are the greatest treasure.

RAVE to family members who, when their older family members pass away, remember the friends from their elders’ past years, and notify them so the grief can be shared. Thanks for going through address books or other records and understanding that while you maybe did not personally know these folks, distance and infirmity may have meant that your elder was not able to keep up with old friends (or vice versa), and sharing your news will bring us all closer together.

RAVE to my childhood friend who still lives in my hometown in North Dakota. My brother, a liver-transplant survivor that makes him a high-risk candidate for COVID-19, also lives there. My friend, whose occupation requires him to occasionally wear an N95 mask, has generously given my brother several of the precious masks to help him avoid the coronavirus.

RAVE to the three couples having a “tailgate party” in the parking lot of Shakey’s Pizza in the Fairwood shopping center in Renton. They were socially distanced but having an obviously enjoyable time together despite the drizzly evening. It did my heart good to see such good role models.