RANT to the dog walkers and especially runners who take dogs out in the midday heat during the summer. If you want to put on a fur coat and then go out with your dog so you can know how they are feeling, great. If not, then stop taking them out at that time. Go in the evening or early morning to protect your pooch!

RAVE to ferry worker and our ferry system. Sitting in the long line of cars to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island the other day, I took a break from my car, having bought a round-trip ticket. Returning to my car, I saw a bright orange note tucked in the window: “Go to Booth 3 with your receipt.” Wondering what I may have done wrong, I went to the toll booth. At the booth, the thoughtful lady gave me my return ticket. She had forgotten to give it to me, and I had forgotten to look for it.  Incredibly, she remembered my car, among hundreds, and the lane to which she had directed me. I am profoundly impressed and grateful to her.

RANT to the fan who stood up for the duration of the recent Seattle Sounders match, detracting from the enjoyment of others. His continued standing while fans around him were sitting was against the stadium’s “majority rules” policy and was extremely selfish. I hope he learns to care for more than just himself.

RAVE to all the farmworkers who toiled during the deadly the heat wave, and in the subsequent high temperatures, picked the delicate cherries we can so easily take for granted as we reach for them in our air-conditioned stores. Thank you!

RANT to veterinarians who advertise availability for 24-hour emergency services but decline to help a suffering animal because scheduled appointments aren’t available until “next week” or they’re “at capacity.” If I had known our cat was going to suffer a medical crisis on a weekend, I would have surely made an appointment beforehand so she could be treated immediately during or after her trauma. If veterinarians honestly can’t provide emergency services then please quit advertising that you do. Our deceased kitty and her bereaved humans would have appreciated this truth in advertising.

RAVE to the house in Ballard that has the blue metal bench on the walk by their retaining wall. It was perfectly placed for when I needed to stop on a long bike ride to tighten a cleat on my shoe and to eat, drink and rest in the shade. I was approaching the mileage where it was time to stop, I started looking for a place to sit and there was the bench! Thank you!

RANT to the massive cruise ships that waste energy burning a thousand lights from sunset until 5 a.m. and blocking both day and nighttime views. How long must we put up with this environmentally unfriendly nuisance?