RANT AND RAVE Rave to Washington’s senior U.S. senator for taking the lead to make daylight saving time permanent. Rant to the same senior senator for not making it permanent this year. Why should we have to wait another year for something that a majority of Washington voters want now? 

RANT to Washington’s lawmakers for passing legislation making daylight saving time permanent. In doing this, they have ignored the near-unanimous recommendations of sleep experts and health organizations to return to standard time. Our lawmakers also have ignored the preference of the majority of Washington’s citizens. Here’s hoping they reconsider this bad idea!

RAVE to the kind and thoughtful person who found my iPhone in Discovery Park on April 2 and left it by a post. I was able to retrieve it with an app on my smartwatch.

RANT to all of the health care providers that insist on using the most aggravating, jarring, tinny music, when you’ve been put on hold. Trust me, I need to talk to someone, I’m not going to fall asleep if you play something more melodic and easier listening!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to Will Smith for his violent display at the Oscars! Where is the role model young fans wish to emulate? Rave to Chris Rock for his unprecedented composure on a worldwide, televised event! Rave to me as well! No more Will Smith movies!

RANT to Will Smith for standing up for his wife in the wrong way. A big rant as well to Chris Rock for thinking it is OK to humiliate a person with a medical condition by making them the focus of a stupid joke heard by millions of people around the world. Shame on both of them. Rock should not get a pass on this.


RANT to the DOT for installing miles of concrete “sound wall” along west Interstate 90 from Issaquah to Bellevue to protect those who decided to buy, build or rent homes along a freeway. Do you plan to cover over our entire landscape with this unsightly Band-Aid approach to road noise?

RANT to those who fill their shopping carts with 30-40 items and then use the ‘12 items or less’ express lanes.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to a group of unruly passengers that boarded a flight from Seattle to Spokane with masks dangling from their ears and refused to pull them up when repeatedly instructed by the flight attendant. Rave to the flight attendant who called airport security to remove these noncompliant passengers from the plane in order to keep the crew and the rest of the passengers safe.  

RANT to all the drivers that parked at the curb for international arrivals at the airport. When I asked politely for them to go around, they all pointed to someone else! Our daughter couldn’t get to us for a very long time because of your selfishness and my husband was having tremors in his wheelchair. 

RAVE to the woman who raved about the “young man” who chased her down at Safeway to return her cash. You’re welcome. And you made my day: I’m 62 years old!

RANT to Sea-Tac’s air traffic controllers who line up flight after flight, every three to five minutes, 16-18 hours a day, every day, from the north and east directly over the Lake City and Olympic Hills community. Please mix it up so all areas of Seattle may share this ridiculously annoying noise pollution and cut us a break, already!


RANT AND RAVE Rant to the dads who volunteer to coach their daughter’s softball team! Rant to the coaches who say “OK, you guys.” How about “OK, girls?”

RANT to the Seattle parking garage for charging for time spent in long payment lines, saying it “wouldn’t be fair” to provide refunds to those complaining.

RANT AND RAVE I have a huge rave for our beautiful state of Washington. I have a gigantic rant for the people who discard trash and litter along the freeways, highways and neighborhood streets. What has happened to the ecology groups that used to collect all of this garbage! It is a disgrace! What has happened to our anti-litter laws?