RANT to all those food manufacturers who apparently think putting a tab on their yogurt, ricotta, soup, etc., makes it easier to open their product. YOU are wrong! I usually have to resort to a knife to remove the plastic wrap because the tab usually tears off but doesn’t remove the seal of the plastic. Just small pieces. Absolutely useless!

RAVE to the former owner of my son’s new home who chose his family’s purchase offer over other offers that would have gained her more money. She was moved by the letter my son and his partner wrote her with their offer, in which they explained how their two young girls would use the amenities that came with the house. The owner not only chose them, but she also refused the money they offered above the asking price. Generosity to strangers shines clearly once again.

RANT to the latest TikTok challenge, which encourages kids to steal things from schools like soap dispensers from the school restrooms. School custodians are overworked sanitizing schools every day to keep students safe and healthy. Stealing the soap dispensers hurts everyone, from the kids trying to wash their hands, to the custodians who have to replace the dispensers, to the administrators who have to track down the perpetrators. Come on, everyone, keeping Seattle healthy is a team effort. Do your part and stop making things harder for everyone!

RAVE to the volunteers and park employees at Ravenna Park for performing much-needed cleanup and stewardship work. And to the walkers, joggers, dogs, families, bikers and bird-watchers who responded favorably by visiting this beautiful nature park. Let’s continue enjoying and caring for our city’s wonderful parks!

RANT to Seattle ninjas, who have a tendency to reach around you without saying, “Excuse me.” These ninjas have already knocked off a few of my eyelashes. Picture me at Trader Joe’s shopping for packaged salad greens (for my health). Now visualize someone reaching around me with their hand inches from and directly in front of my face — all while COMPLETELY SILENT. Like some gosh darn ghost going through the motions from when it was alive. This is madness. And when I call these weasels out on it, the most popular response tends to be, “It’s fine.” So, this is why I now swat these random ninja hands away when the opportunity arises. Tell your friends.

RAVE to the young lady (7 or 8 years old) outside Haggen in Woodinville who looked up at me as I was dashing between after-work errands and said, “That’s some real pretty hair you’ve got there.” I said a gracious thank you, but I wish I had stopped to tell her she totally made my day … possibly week!

RAVE to the person who spotted the U.S. Army veteran sticker on my car and left a thank you card on my windshield with a $10 bill enclosed to “enjoy a warm drink on a gloomy day.” Thanks, you made my day!