RANT to the Mariners. I’m a lifelong fan and I was at opening day. The team looks solid and I’m hoping this is finally the year we make the playoffs again! One thing that bothered me, however, was the fact that they do not play “Louie Louie” anymore after the seventh inning stretch! What is up with that? They have been playing that song at Mariners games for as long as I can remember. And even though I am a Macklemore fan and I appreciate his support of our wonderful city, his music is no replacement for the timeless tune of “Louie Louie.” Fun fact: we even tried to make “Louie Louie” the state song back in 1985. Now that shows much we care about that song. Let’s bring it back to the ballpark!

RAVE to mailing list supervisors and others who realize Mother’s Day can be hard on some people, so give them the opportunity to opt out of ads, products and celebrations of the day. How thoughtful and gracious!

RANT to the Mariners for not playing Louie Louie during the seventh inning stretch on opening weekend, a tradition that dates back over 30 years.

RAVE to Stephanie, who was walking her dog on Saturday along the Ship Canal in Fremont. She stopped to help a rower in distress, including taking her shoes off to step in the frigid water and then following her along the canal to make sure she was OK. You truly are an angel of mercy. Thank you!

RANT to my satellite TV provider and the TV network for not getting together to air Mariners games! I am an 83-year-old woman who has been a Mariners fan since moving here in 1998. Watching the games is a springtime pleasure for me. I live on an island north of Seattle so it is not possible to go to all the games in person. Listening on the radio is nice but not the same. Maybe a local TV channel could pick up the games as they do for our Seahawks.

RAVE to a wholesale club chain for hosting more than two years of senior shopping days. This was much appreciated, especially during the very scary early days of the epidemic. Thanks to all the employees who so graciously served us.


RANT to T-Mobile Park for confusing entry rules. Some parts of their website say you can only bring in a factory-sealed bottle of water — which forces you to buy a single use plastic bottle! Other websites say you can bring an empty personal water bottle too. I hope the latter is true — what is the rule T-Mobile Park?

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who leave or park rented bikes and scooters blocking sidewalks, streets, entries, etc. Rave to Seattle’s Find It, Fix It smartphone app. Snap a picture and file a report! Make the companies responsible for fixing their customer’s poor actions. It is the only way it will ever change this behavior is by making the company responsible for enforcing the parking rules.

RANT to the ferry staffer working the ticket booth at the Clinton Ferry Terminal. I didn’t hear which lane you wanted me to go in. When I asked you “Which lane?,” you responded in a snarky tone of voice “I just told you!” When I said “I didn’t hear you” twice, you finally repeated the lane I should go in. Some kindness would go a long way to making your job more pleasant. I’m partially deaf and even with hearing aids, I have a hard time hearing.  

RANT to our labyrinthine health care system. I recently picked up a noncovered prescription from a local pharmacy and was given a discount even though the pharmacy was not contracted with my health care provider. I later filled the exact same prescription at my health care system pharmacy and it cost twice as much!