RAVE to the dedicated volunteers from Green Seattle Partnership for the work they are doing at Magnuson Park on the Sand Point Head North Slope Restoration site. They put in many hours working to remove vast quantities of blackberries and other invasive species, plant and protect new trees, shrubs and ferns, and spread loads of wood chips.

RANT to about every single person who chooses to post their rant rather than just tell the person what they are doing is annoying. Good lord this city is full of passive people. If your neighbor is letting their dog poop in your yard and you know who is doing it, tell them. If your trash collector regularly spills trash, call the company. If someone in front of you at the post office is not wearing a mask, ask them to put one on or wait outside for them to leave. No one recognizes themselves even if they happen to read it. Deal directly with them. It’s far more effective. 

RAVE to the wonderful team at the Harborview Medical Center West Hospital ICU during my nephew’s recent hospitalization. Rave to Dr. Kraft, Mark, Drew and the rest of the team for their care and compassion and for answering our many questions during this difficult time.

RANT to the young worker at a yogurt shop in Arlington for not wearing a mask. When asked she recited, “There are exceptions for medical conditions.” Those are for patrons! Not the person serving and handling the cash register. You do not have the right to potentially infect me or my precious grandbaby that was with me. 

RAVE to the COVID-19 vaccine staff at Rainier Beach. My family and I are deeply appreciative of the efficient and compassionate Seattle Fire Department staff that was at the Atlantic City Boat Ramp. While receiving my first vaccination, I asked about the existence or possibility of a visit by someone to give one to an elderly, homebound relative living in the condominium building next to the site. A quick consultation between team members followed, resulting in a visit by two of the staff walking over and administering a shot less than an hour later. Many, many thanks.

RANT to people driving cars through the Washington Park Arboretum who complain about people on bicycles who choose to ride the flat, wide roadway shared with cars rather than the steep, narrow path shared with people walking with dogs, children and strollers. 

RAVE to the staff and volunteers at the King County vaccination site at the Microsoft campus in Redmond. They were extremely organized, caring and made a stressful situation one of calm and consideration. The entire process took approximately 30 minutes, including the 15-minute post-shot wait. 

RANT to the NCAA basketball schedulers. Bad enough that you had Gonzaga men, a No. 1 team, playing in the morning instead of the afternoon, but you also scheduled the Gonzaga women’s game to overlap with the men’s game.