Readers rant about viaduct panic, rave about Renton downed tree response

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RANT To all the incessant doomsday warnings concerning the closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. The closure will be a minor inconvenience to most people, not the end of the world. If drivers haven’t figured out by now how to avoid the predicted congestion, they deserve to sit in it till the cows come home.

RAVE To the Renton Fire Department’s fast response when half our 80-foot tall cedar blew over onto power lines in the windstorm, to the PSE Safety team bucket trucks that trimmed the limbs hanging over the road, the PSE Maintenance team that restored power for us and 70 neighboring homes within 90 minutes of their arrival, and the City of Renton crew that arrivedĀ  the next day to chip the branches. You are all fabulous!