RANT AND RAVE Rant to the soccer players who scrimmage every Sunday morning in Bellevue and do not wear masks, then go home and endanger their families and communities. Rave to the one or two players who do wear masks (thanks for not caving in to pressure). Rave to the team that scrimmages on the other half of the field, where all wear masks and play no-contact (you rock!).

RAVE to a dear couple who has lifted the spirits of friends, neighbors and homeless encampments throughout this pandemic. They make yummy treats on holidays and deliver them in costumes representing the event with their masks on! Amazing couple! I am looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day.

RANT to the thoughtless soul who discards their beverage cans and food wrappers in our hedges and gardens.

RAVE to everyone who is assisting eligible seniors in obtaining appointments for the vaccine. Not all seniors have the skills necessary to work on a computer to obtain appointments. 

RANT to my upstairs condo neighbor for opening and closing their balcony sliding door repeatedly throughout the day and in the wee hours of the night in order to indulge in an apparently new habit of smoking. You are chasing me out of my living/dining/kitchen space into a back bedroom because of the frequent dragging sound. Sometimes the smell gets into my unit without my door open. I was so raving on you to my friends for being so thoughtfully quiet since the pandemic but this is now unnerving me.

RAVE to the Snohomish County vaccination site at Arlington Municipal Airport.  Especially after five rescheduled dates at a local pharmacy, this experience was effortless, efficient and stress-free. Instantaneous scheduling when available online, and everyone was so friendly and helpful.


RANT to lack of vaccine access. I am well over 65 and I still haven’t been able to get a shot. First, all appointments were full, then only second shots were available, and now it’s that I’m not living in right ZIP code and “don’t qualify.” I’m ready to give up!

RAVE to the staff at Island Drug in Oak Harbor for its response to the pandemic. We got our vaccinations with few problems and the staff kept us posted ahead of time via email. They had some problems dealing with an unruly mob that really didn’t follow the procedures — some had not made appointments, many were nervous and others did not listen to instructions. Some vaccinations were delayed because of the late arrival of vaccines from the eastern U.S.; it wasn’t the drugstore’s fault. They did a great job in these difficult times.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to online shoppers who say they want to come look at items then don’t show up, sometimes the same person repeatedly. Rave to online shoppers who keep their pickup appointments. Sellers’ time and effort is every bit as valuable as that of buyers. Please be respectful.