RANT To the use of the phrase “across the world” rather than the correct “around the world” that makes me believe there’s a massive, hidden campaign to turn us all into flat-Earthers.

RAVE On my way to the car-repair shop, my assumption that I didn’t need a tow there proved wrong when my car stopped in the Highway 99 tunnel. It was terrifying, but shortly, a roadside assistance truck pulled over. The driver, Mike, got out to help, though I’m not a member of their service. He turned on his lights to alert other drivers of my situation, quickly assessed the problem (overheating), released the pressure in the radiator and waited for the car to cool so I could drive to the shop. He even followed me to my destination as a precaution. What a lifesaver! I’m so grateful. Mike is the sort of person who makes the world a better place.

RANT To the careless bicyclist who blew through an intersection in front of me with a little girl in the bike’s child seat. He didn’t have the right of way and entered the intersection from a blind spot, at an unsafe speed. The margin of error was so slim and the potential consequences so tragic that I felt nauseous driving home. Please wake up, be aware of your surroundings and the child you’re placing in harm’s way!

RAVE To everyone involved in bringing Link light rail to our region. Every time I ride it I’m proud to be in a world-class city with clean, efficient, fast, mass transportation. I’m looking forward to the opening of the future Northgate and Federal Way lines!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who criticize how others choose to donate their hard-earned cash. Donate to whatever cause you deem worthy. Where I donate is my business. Big rave to all who donate to causes that mean something to them. Your generosity is appreciated.

RAVE To the owner of a shop on Eastlake Avenue who donated a lovely bus-stop bench with carvings of love from neighbors. My husband and I are celebrating our 50th anniversary and he carved our heart, took our picture with it and sent us a copy. Couldn’t be sweeter!

RANT That more people in Seattle aren’t opting to support green-energy options through Seattle City Light’s Green Up program. Apparently I’m one of only 13,000 people paying a few extra dollars a month to support solar, wind and small hydro. People can opt in for $3 a month — that’s less than a latte, people!

RAVE On the eve of Good Friday and Passover, my husband and I were eating in a Greek restaurant. I had to smile when we overheard a nearby diner say to his companion, “Did you notice that Cinco de Mayo is the same weekend as Ramadan this year?” God bless America!