RAVE to the U.S. Coast Guard for diligently contacting us to check on our safety because our boat was adrift in the San Juan Islands. Rave also to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officers who monitored our boat so it didn’t drift out into the straits. Feeling blessed and safe because of both agencies.

RANT to TV advertisements showing pickups, SUVs and regular cars being driven in pristine wilderness areas. These ads encourage some people to seek out (and trash) their own little corner of paradise. I am fine with responsible people using designated SUV/off-road trails, such as the famous Rubicon Trail at Lake Tahoe, or closer to home, Green Mountain and Tahuya State Forest. These enthusiasts deserve to have access to trails that they can enjoy in their own ways. 

RAVE to the people who take care of the traffic circle landscaping in their neighborhoods. You help to make the neighborhood that much nicer and bring a smile to this old lady’s face. Thank you!

RANT to the obtuse patrons at farmers markets for yakking on interminably about themselves! You don’t need to tell your whole life story to the produce sellers! Look behind you — you are holding up the line and denying income to the hardworking farmers!

RAVE to all the Olympic athletes who are sharing their talents and bringing their years of training and hard work to give the Olympics spirit and bring joy to the world in spite of a lack of hoopla or a live audience. Good luck to you all, and thank you for making the 2021 Olympic Games special.

RANT to fast-food places and restaurants that insist on putting bacon on everything. Bacon is loaded with sodium, has a strong flavor and is most often the only thing one tastes when added to a sandwich. Adding bacon to a sandwich already high in sodium is extremely unhealthy.

RAVE to the West Seattle YMCA for being an amazing community resource during the pandemic. The Y was our lifeline last summer and earlier this year when it reopened to visitors. Front desk staff are always ready with a smile and wave. 

RANT to the incredibly rude trail runner who bellowed at my friend and I who were walking our dogs on the Loop Trail at Discovery Park to “make room” as she ran up behind us. First of all, we did not know you were there, and a simple “excuse me” or “on your left/right” would have sufficed. These are shared trails in a busy city park used by people of all ages and ability, and while I am always happy to make way, it is not our obligation to leap out of your way! Many of you runners really need to learn some patience and manners — or go run in a less crowded place!