RAVE to Steve the bagpiper. He just passed his 100th consecutive night playing at different parks in Kirkland at sunset.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the manager of a pharmacy on Aurora Avenue North in Shoreline, who instructed her cashiers to “just ignore” the two signs on their own front doors that said “customers may not enter without facial covering.” When I entered, two of three customers in line right by the entrance were without masks, and ignoring social distancing as well. Rave to the cashier who was obviously uncomfortable with the instructions given by the manager and willing to quietly share that with me as I checked out.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the selfish partyers setting off bomblike explosives that rock the house and fray COVID-primed nerves. Rave to my family for getting together over Zoom from all parts of the country last week.

RAVE to the free COVID-19 testing in Sodo. It was so efficient, organized and hassle-free. I wish our federal government would run like that!

RANT to drivers who already drive fast, but think they can drive faster just because there might be fewer cars on the road. Wrong!

RANT to the Fourth of July celebrants who left their fireworks and beer-drinking refuse on the dock at Juanita Beach Park for someone else to clean up, especially since both of these activities are, I believe, illegal in the parks within the city limits of Kirkland. The least you could have done was clean up after yourselves. 


RAVE to Eli, the young man who pulled his car over to help me as he saw that my adult son, who has intellectual disabilities, was running into the streets by Seward Park. I was trying to catch him to get him into the car. It brought me to tears as he gently spoke to him, calmed him down and walked him to the car. Thank you for being brave enough to stop and help, even though you said you had no experience with special needs people — you have a gift!​

RANT to Western Washington’s various transit agencies and Washington State Department of Transportation. I see countless buses with fewer than two passengers roaming our streets every day. Yet, on a holiday weekend where demand is known to increase dramatically, the ferry system can’t make adjustments to accommodate the overflowing lines of passengers. People are waiting for hours to cross while all other modes of public transportation are driving around empty. Can’t these people figure this out?

RAVE to all my fellow cyclists who ring a simple bell or call out, “on your left!” to announce that they’re about to pass me. And a request to all those who don’t — please extend this simple courtesy to your fellow cyclists or walkers or runners. It makes the roads and trails a friendlier, safer place for everyone.