RAVE to the pharmacy at the Totem Lake QFC where I received my vaccination. It only took 25 minutes, including the 15 minute waiting period afterward. All personnel were extremely friendly, efficient and professional. Our appointments for the second vaccination were made before we left. Terrific service! Thank you!

RANT to the people who disregard the posted rules at public farmers markets. The signs clearly say “no pets except service animals” and yet multiple people bring their dogs (leashed and unleashed). The Ballard market seems to be the worst for this behavior. Be an adult and leave Fido at home if you’re going to the market.

RAVE to UW Medicine at Valley Medical Center for their immunizations. Signage from parking lot to facility were excellent. Efficient processing and very cordial staff. You made stressful circumstances far better than we’d expected. 

RANT to myself and my poor behavior the other afternoon at the Lower Queen Anne Safeway store. I was standing in line, and when I started to move up closer to the register, a woman politely told me I actually had not been at the end of the line. The line had been forming behind her. I hadn’t looked in that direction when I stood behind the man in front of me. I was rather terse about the whole thing and certainly did not thank her for speaking up for herself and everyone else who had been standing patiently behind her. I walked away in a huff. I wish I could apologize to her in person for flinging that sort of attitude in her direction. Perhaps she will read this rant and accept it as a poor substitute.

RAVE to all the people who are pandemic-bored and channel their energy by giving a hand to those of us who would love to be more bored — disabled, health issues, challenging living/family situations, etc., to start the list — with meals, errands, safe visits and more. You’re helping us make it through!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the hospitals, pharmacies and clinics for not allowing you to add yourself to their waiting lists. Of the dozen or so that I’ve tried, all display a message that there are no slots available. We all understand the vaccine scarcity and spotty distribution, but those of us old enough to qualify for the 1B group also understand patience. Let the list grow out for months. Then, if I secure a slot in April or later, so be it. That is why it’s called a waiting list. Better yet, invest some IT money and create a statewide waiting list from which the providers can pick based on minimal geographic data and have the providers contact the person when a slot is available. Rave to the tireless nurses, pharmacists and volunteers making the most of the bad situation. You rock!