Readers rant about drones in parks, driver speeding through crosswalk, vaccine exemptions, careless driver; rave about helpful airline passengers, SDOT crew, giving up seat on transit for pregnant woman, SPL Wi-Fi

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RANT AND RAVE  Rant to people who fly their RC airplanes and drones in Seattle parks. It’s a safety hazard and against the municipal code. Also, rant to the Seattle parks department for not posting signs to this effect. Rave to them for responding to this citizen’s concerns about park-user safety and enforcing the code. Thanks, parks department.

RAVE To the SDOT maintenance crew who cleared away the overgrown vegetation at our neighborhood bus stop so our bus driver can see us when approaching the bus stop. I appreciate their strong commitment to public service keeping the right of way clear and safe for us. Thanks for your hard work!

RANT To parents who helped to put Seattle on the short list of major cities that have high rates of non-medical vaccine exemptions. Apparently science doesn’t matter to you. Do you deny climate change as well?

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the wonderful volunteers who offer their time to gather signatures for their cause. Rant to those who don’t understand the law regarding private property. You have a right to petition on private property if you have permission from the owner. Please be considerate and abide by the law.

RAVE To all my patient, kind fellow airline passengers who assisted me getting my backpack in and out of the overhead bin and waited patiently for me to creep down the aisle to my wheelchair on both ends of my journey. Chivalry isn’t dead, and kindness reigned supreme on my flights. Thanks to all!

RANT On a recent morning walk in Federal Way, the traffic lights were out at a busy intersection. An elderly couple wanted to cross but didn’t know of the malfunction. After I explained the problem, the man asked for me to escort them. A Federal Way Police Department cruiser was to our left and motioned us across, so we crossed with me raising my hand to oncoming traffic. As we were near the center point, a southbound driver crossed the intersection at high speed! Do you NOT realize that pedestrians have the right of way once in an intersection and that you may have caused severe harm? Was your destination that important to disregard human life?

RAVE To Seattle Public Library for doubling the number of SPL HotSpot Wi-Fi devices available for people who can’t justify the cost of a high-speed internet connection at home.  Thank you.

RANT To me for colliding into a car. I sincerely apologized to the driver for running into the back of their car, and appreciated that he didn’t yell at me. I’m glad we are both safe, and will do my utmost to pay attention next time.

RAVE To my fellow female commuters, wearing heels, carrying all their bags, and still offering this pregnant lady their seat. Thank you! It’s so appreciated. Chivalry is not dead, thanks to you ladies.