RAVE to the superb help I got in Burien. Earlier this week, I had a flat tire on a busy street. I was able to pull into a restaurant parking lot and began the task of changing the tire. As I had never changed one on this particular car, I was struggling a bit. Three gentlemen who were exiting the lot asked if I needed help. At the age of 80, I swallowed my pride and said yes. The men were knowledgeable, efficient and very personable. I came to find out that they are Burien undercover detectives. If these three men are representative of what their colleagues are like, the city is in great hands.

RANT┬áto doctor’s offices and medical clinics that robocall your phone. The recording always has my name, date, and time of appointment, then insists I must “press 1” to confirm it. Why must I confirm information that the office already knows? I appreciate the reminder, but I refuse to press 1 at the direction of a robocall. Too many phone scams work exactly the same way. If you really need confirmation of my appointment, have a human being from your office call me.