RAVE to the mystery neighbor who softly practices jazz on the saxophone after dinner. It sounds like someone unwinding after a long day and the relaxation reaches out between our houses. Thank you for the music.

RANT to the person who threw a paver through the windshield of our car. Thanks a lot for wrecking my morning and messing up our week. Did you even think about the chaos you might cause to a busy family juggling three kids, three jobs and a parent with limited mobility? What happened to make you so inconsiderate, destructive and just plain mean? I hope you got $400 worth of enjoyment out of that moment, because that’s how much we are paying for your little bit of fun.

RAVE to the two young girls who walked around offering all the staff at an EvergreenHealth hospice center handmade beaded bracelets, some of which spelled out “thank you.” During an intense day as a hospice nurse, I was so touched by them. They made our day!

RANT to everyone walking in head-to-toe black clothing, glaring at me as I drive toward you. Trust me, I don’t want to hit you, but I can’t see you! I am driving as slowly and defensively as I can, but you need to do your part by being easier to be see at dusk and after dark. We’ll all be happier.

RAVE to the smiling lady who saw my need for a parking space at Alderwood mall and pointed out that she was leaving. Because of her kindness, I was able to be on time for my appointment. The world becomes a better place when we can do something to help someone else. This didn’t cost her a thing, but to me, her kindness was immeasurable. I was pleased to pay this lady’s kindness forward the next day.

RANT to our cable provider for canceling The Arts Channel from its list of programs. It was so relaxing to get away from the mayhem and violence of so many other channels. I realize not all the programs are enjoyed by everyone, but there was almost always something soothing at all times. Please consider returning The Arts Channel back to your list for oh so many of us!

RAVE to the Fred Meyer stores that have placed a recycling bin at their entrances for all those plastic bags and wrappers that we don’t know what to do with. The instructions state specifically that they are not to go in general recycling bins.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to my late husband, who lived and died so courageously. Our 40 years together weren’t nearly long enough. Rant to phone scammers who are already preying on my loss, phishing for his information before he’s even been cremated. Words can’t express my disgust and despair.