Readers rave about Metro drivers, help after bike accident, courteous driver, SPL "library elf," chairs atop steep hill; rant about San Juan rudeness, garage-sale signs, honking, Seattle school start, objection to "ladies"

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RAVE To Metro bus drivers, who deal with all the unexpected behavior in a big city and drive safely, a very stressful job. Huge rave to the two drivers and dispatcher who made the extra effort to reunite me with my lost wallet. Extra rave to the passengers who called out the guy who picked it up and didn’t turn it in. The experience made for a long but uplifting commute.

RANT To the San Juan Island local who told my wife and me to “get our bikes off the (expletive) road” during our vacation. Well Mr. Pottymouth Street Nazi, you don’t own the public roads, bicycles are perfectly legal where we were riding, and many of the residents on your “friendly” island depend on tourist revenue for their livelihood.

RAVE To the residents of a house near the top of an extremely steep hill in Magnolia who thoughtfully placed two folding chairs along the sidewalk with the sign “Please sit! Please don’t take the chairs.”

RANT To people who object to being addressed with courtesies like “ladies,” “sir,” or “ma’am.” Some people are taught to use these terms to show respect and honor. They’re not insulting you, and it’s rude to not accept their beliefs and backgrounds. 

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the people trying to get rid of their stuff with yard/garage sales but rant to those who don’t take their signs down afterward.

RAVE To the wonderful couple who stopped to help me when I crashed on my bike on the Redmond bike path. Lucky me that she was a nurse and he was a doctor. Like angels they appeared, checked me over, and I’m very grateful for their kindness and expertise.

RANT To the driver who honked at my teenager when he hesitated a little too long for their liking at a four-way stop. I guess even having a student-driver sign on your car isn’t a shield against harassment while driving.

RAVE To the Seattle Public Library’s “Library Elf” option that sends me emails about every family member’s holds and due dates, making it so much easier to manage everything!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to Seattle Public Schools for starting kindergarten on the first day of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, forcing families to choose between a quintessential secular rite of passage and a sacred religious holiday. Rave to other school districts for adjusting the start date for kindergarten to avoid this conflict, demonstrating their commitment to inclusion and respect for all families.

RAVE To the guy who didn’t honk at me when I drove around him when was stopped with his blinker on, then saw the lane-closure cones and arrows closing the lane in front of us. I had cut him off, but when he drove past me he didn’t honk, though I deserved it.  My apologies.