RAVE to the person putting teddy bears on the fence near a busy four-way intersection. Each day there’s another bear. I visit my child in the hospital daily, and this had been a welcome respite to watch it grow. 

RANT to the restaurants that show the tip amounts suggested on your bill. It shows what the tip amount on 15%, 20% and 25% on the bill … however, those are based with tax included! Tips should never include tax … why would they include tax on their tip amount?

RAVE to the Mariners, who gave their all and sent us on a magical ride. They may not have made the playoffs like everyone was hoping, but boy, did they give us some of the most exciting baseball we’ve ever seen! Second rave to the fans who filled the seats to root them on during this magical ride; you showed up big time and believed until the end. This is just the beginning of a bright future for the Mariners!

RANT to breweries looking to cash in on Oktoberfest with seasonal “Festbier” releases that are too malty and are really mislabeled, anachronistic Märzenbier. Nobody in Munich has made Festbier that way since the ’70s.

RAVE to kindness. Walking through the Burien Farmers Market, I came face to face with a younger man holding a lovely bunch of flowers. I kiddingly said, “You shouldn’t have,” but he gave me the flowers and said he would get another bunch for his wife. What a pleasant surprise!

RANT to the lookie-loos who kept the usual midday Interstate 5 slowdown headed north out of Everett from easing at its usual spot and extended it about a mile farther north to where there was an incident on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the barrier. It was just amazing that normal speeds resumed at the point precisely beyond where the emergency lights could be seen flashing. Such behavior only increases the potential for accidents on the unaffected side of the barrier. Leave your curiosity for the comfort of your home and the Science Channel.


RAVE to the bus drivers who took us to work, brought us home, dropped us off at events and helped us make many friends over the years. 

RANT to frequent power outages. I have been living in Sammamish for the last 26 years. One thing has remained constant throughout the years: one big gust of wind and we lose power! We’re the first to lose power and usually the last to get it back! More often than not, it is attributed to equipment failure. The company responsible needs to replace its antiquated and outdated equipment with modern technology that will not break down with one gust of wind!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to almond milk, which is incredibly water-intensive to grow and thus not very environmentally friendly. Rave to oat milk, which is much friendlier and tastes as good or better!