RAVE to the house on my commute along Northeast 65th Street that has pinwheels in the parking strip. The colorful whimsy is a cheerful spot in my day.

RANT to people who think the prohibition of dogs in parks doesn’t apply to them. Take your dogs’ poop, pee and playfulness to a dog park!

RAVE to the two knights in shining armor who immediately pulled up when I stupidly ran my car over a landscaping rock near a parking lot in Lynnwood, lent me a jack, and stuck with me for more than 45 minutes until my vehicle was solidly on the pavement. They saved me a call to a towing service and restored my faith in mankind. I ran my car over the rock because I had just been hit on by a sleazeball and I was still fuming. But a big thank-you goes out to the two men who helped me. Who said chivalry is dead? Not I!

RANT to left-lane drivers who go under the speed limit. I drive frequently on I-5 between Seattle and Tacoma and it is an epidemic. This growing practice increases the bad traffic patterns we now face in this region. Stay out of the far left lane unless you are passing. We could improve traffic flow if people drove correctly.

RAVE to the person in West Seattle who hand-delivered my mail back to my front door. It was stolen from my mailbox and tossed into a ditch blocks away. I appreciate the effort and honesty as there is very little of that in the world today.

RANT to people who show up at coffee shops with their laptops and proceed to set up their workspace. They tend to take the best and most comfortable chairs, grab tables intended for customers’ drinks for their laptops, take an additional table for their personal use, and camp out for extended periods of time. In addition, they treat you like a bother when you request the use of one of their claimed tables. Shame on one very rude woman requesting that my mother and I stop talking because she can hear us and she’s trying to work. A coffee shop is for all customers whether you chose to work, read, or socialize. For those of you who chose to work please be considerate to those of us who are there to visit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

RAVE to the group of men on San Juan Island who have made it their mission to try to raise awareness about domestic violence. Thank you!

RANT to people who occupy the three-seat benches on the light rail the exact same way: knees 2 feet apart, with the space in the middle between you empty. Empty for anyone willing to squeeze into the 1 foot space between you.