Readers rave about Seattle Symphony, Social Security office, bike commuting, Space Needle wedding, special-ed teacher; rant about car break-in, "perfect," noisy kids

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RANT On a recent visit to the zoo, I was annoyed at kids who were old enough to know better who were screaming and yelling their heads off at the poor animals, running back and forth as if they were on a playground. Parents, if your child is over the age of 3, he or she can learn to behave in public. Any 5- or 6-year-old making a screaming scene reflects on your poor parenting.

RAVE We were somewhat apprehensive to have our pop-up same-sex wedding at the Space Needle’s new observation deck, but the staff and people of Seattle greeted us warmly and helped us have a truly magical wedding. Extra rave for a beautiful, sunny November day.

RANT While visiting Seattle and walking through the gorgeous Washington Park Arboretum, my rental car had two windows smashed and my purse was stolen, though it was out of sight. Within the short time it took to call and cancel my credit cards, the thieves had already used the cards four times. Almost everyone I interacted with to get help told me they too had experienced this type of theft. Wow, Seattle, wake up. Can’t something be done? Your tourism will suffer from this type of incident. My wallet has a picture of my deceased mother that I care very much about; I left my name and phone number at the Arboretum in case anyone finds it, I’d gladly pay to have it shipped to me.

RAVE For the special-education teacher who got kicked in two assaults by a student in one day. If it were me I wouldn’t come back, but she shows up every day for her students. I’ve been told there’s a special place in heaven for exceptionally dedicated educators and it should be true for her!

RAVE To the staff at the Seattle Social Security office who were awesome, dealing with my complicated situation with respect and compassion. Several workers took time to identify the issues to figure out and resolve my case. Thank you so much from a grateful taxpayer.

RANT To customer-service reps who use the word “perfect” not as an expression of something achieving perfection, but to end any further discussion of the matter. What they’re really saying is “That’s good enough. Let’s leave it at that.” “Perfect” has to join “awesome” and other inappropriately used adjectives as words that no longer apply to their meaning.

RAVE I commute to work by bike a few times a week and love it, and I’d like to thank all of the motorists who have been observant, polite and thoughtful. Also rave to Seattle and Shoreline for all the bike and pedestrian improvements to help make my commute possible.

RAVE To the Seattle Symphony for becoming a world-class orchestra and for its astonishingly brilliant performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.