We asked readers to rave about their fellow Seattleites, and boy, did they deliver!

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Rant & Rave readers are amazing! After a note in last Friday’s column asking for raves, well over 100 have been submitted, in a deluge the first few days and still well outnumbering rants a week later.

Don’t feel left out if you need to vent; rants are always welcome and appreciated. Readers often tell me they wish the column could be all rants or all raves, and even that they only read one or the other; the two opinions seem about equal, based on ongoing comments from fans.

A big rave to everyone who sends in their rants and raves! After several weeks of nearly all rants in my inbox, it’s been nice to read all the rave submissions. Here’s 10 to brighten the day.

RAVE For my beautiful bicycle commute. The morning fog was thick with the aroma of Theo Chocolate as I approached the Fremont Bridge.  On the Westlake trail, the sun peeked through striped layers of thinning fog above the marina, promising a sunny afternoon.  The breeze was brisk and energizing.  Soon the rain and darkness will drive me back into the car, but for now, the commute is a pleasure.

RAVE To the Hmong families who fill Pike Place Market and other farmers markets with their beautiful flowers.  Their hard work brightens our lives!

RAVE This may not start out sounding like a rave, but it is! While crossing an intersection with a walk signal, I had to stop abruptly to avoid getting hit by a car that didn’t even slow down. A rave to the second driver, who almost did the same but then saw me and stopped to let me cross, then went the extra step of opening his window to apologize, saying he hadn’t seen me.

RAVE To the exceptional doctor, nurses and receptionists at Kaiser Permanente who always greeted me like part of their family on repeated visits after I broke three toes on my foot. I’ll miss seeing them now that I’m well. Thanks for making my visits much more pleasurable than expected.

RAVE To the owners who invested in the amazing improvements at the Space Needle. The full glass windows and glass floor provide a panoramic view of our beautiful city, water and mountains.

RAVE To the agency that provides day-to-day care and support for our 26-year-old daughter who has an intellectual disability.  The kind, compassionate and caring professionals who encourage our daughter to reach her potential are some of the finest people we know.  Thank you for all you do.

RAVE To the person who gave $60 to our neighborhood coffee shop to pay for coffee for however many people it would last through. What a nice surprise!

RAVE To people who invest time and inventiveness tending their gardens.  Extra kudos to those who also sweep their sidewalks, gutters and street drains so that leaf debris and trash don’t clog the drains, and thanks to all who maintain neighborhood-parking circles.

RAVE To my grandson, who asked friends on Facebook to contribute to the Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals rather than buy him a birthday present.  He set a $200 goal and donations are at $190 with days to go.

RAVE For the Seattle bus system that’s reliable, inexpensive for seniors and has amazingly kind and tolerant drivers.

The Seattle Times publishes reader rants and raves on a space-available basis. We reserve the right to edit for length or content. Send yours to rantandrave@seattletimes.com.