RAVE to the woman clearing leaves away from the curbs so the storm drains wouldn’t create lakes at the crosswalks. She worked the entire block in the other day’s pouring rain. Great example of selfless citizenry. Thanks for caring and doing.

RANT to every retail outlet, from supermarkets to hardware stores, that instructs its cashiers to keep a customer’s change by saying, “Would you like to donate that 48 cents to help the needy?” And then they make you feel like a lowdown dog if you say, “No.” My answer is always, “No.” If I want to donate to orphans or abused dogs, I’ll do it on my own.

RAVE to the OL Reign players and coaches for an exciting season. I look forward to next year. Keep the team together!

RANT to the person at the Issaquah Costco who couldn’t wait another five seconds for me to finish crossing (in a marked crosswalk) but sped around in the wrong lane. My arthritis doesn’t like the fall weather and tends to slow me down a bit, but I guess you had something to prove. And you did.

RAVE to the businesses that employ special needs individuals. Their lively, thoughtful conversation always creates a pleasant shopping experience for me. What a positive way to include special needs individuals in the community.

RANT to rain. This rant typically elicits rants against me for ranting against rain. Most of the ranters assume I’m a transplant and tell me to go back to where I came from. I’m a born-and-raised Seattleite who just happens to hate rain. That’s all. But feel free to rant away.


RAVE to the University of Washington medicine staff and Seattle Police Department parking enforcement at the COVID-19 test site on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle. On a wet and windy day, everyone worked together to keep the line safely moving. And all with a smile.

RANT to my Ballard apartment complex that just sent a lease renewal with a 25% (yes, 25%!) rent increase. Pretty bold when we are still (yes, still!) living in a global pandemic. I’ll be vacating soon; hope the tech bro who can afford this apartment enjoys it!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the person who found my glove on the Eastside Rail Corridor Trail in Renton. When I came back the next day looking for it, there it was on a rock waiting for me. Rant to the person who picked up my glasses case with my prescription glasses outside the Covington Costco. I discovered I had dropped them not five minutes later, and they were gone, not turned in to lost and found and not laid on the curb. I have checked back five times and they have still not been turned in. New glasses are expensive and mine do you no good.