Readers rave about wheelchair ramp, tip for musician, airport wheelchair assistance, keeping parks clean; rant about rudeness at community meeting, unprovoked attack, Mariners throwing bats, unleashed dogs at cemetery

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RAVE  For the Master Builders Rampathon for making it possible for me to go beyond my patio into the wider world on my own!  Such generous people, and such top-notch skills — I can’t thank them enough.  I never thought I would be a recipient of this charity, but my ALS had a different plan. I’m so grateful!

RAVE AND RANT  Rave to the representatives from Port of Seattle, SDOT and Metro Transit who came to speak at a community meeting. Huge rant to the enormous crowd of raging, incoherent “community attendees” that verbally attacked and interrupted while they tried to present their info. I was dumbfounded and embarrassed to see such outrageous rudeness.

RANT  I’m struggling to understand the motive behind the nicely dressed man who purposely whacked me in the arm as he passed me on a downtown Seattle sidewalk. Stunned as I was by the unprovoked incident, I’ve decided to take the high road: I’m hoping that whatever he’s facing that made him lash out at a stranger will be solved soon, and that he will move forward with peace and kindness in his heart and actions.

RAVE To the couple who gave $100 to a young lady when they recognized her at a restaurant after she had performed a solo at the orchestra concert they’d attended.  They gave her the money to help promote her music studies. What wonderful people.

RANT  To my favorite MLB baseball team, our own Seattle Mariners of course, after seeing too many of the younger players throwing their bat after striking out. Remember, there is a younger generation watching you as their role models. As any Little League coach would remind you, “hold on to the bat and walk away with a look of determination.”

RAVE AND RANT  Rave for all the wonderful professional live theater and music venues we have in Seattle and the region. Rant to people who sit forward in their seat so the person sitting behind you only sees the back of your head, instead of the stage, throughout the performance. Also, please no talking during a performance.

RAVE  I can’t say enough about the excellent service I received from the wheelchair assistants at both Sea-Tac and Tucson airports.  The journey was seamless.  I was convinced this was probably the last time I would be able to fly, but with this kind of care, I’ll be planning my next trip.

RANT  To the super rude guy at a local cemetery who asked me angrily “What are you looking at, lady?” as I waited for his companion to move their three unleashed dogs so I could park my car without endangering them. They should also pick up after their dogs.

RAVE  To people who go to Golden Gardens and other local parks who put all their trash into the cans when they leave.