RANT to dog walkers. Please stop tossing your dog’s waste into our empty trash cans. Bagged or not, you create an unsanitary, stinking, disgusting mess in our garbage. Your dog, your poop! Take it home! Thanks.

RAVE to the young adults I encountered at the Westfield Southcenter Ross Dress for Less. They were purchasing large piles of toys and were clearly enjoying themselves. Upon chatting with them, they shared that they had seen a need in their community and, on their own, started a donation/toy drive to meet the need they saw. They were shopping with the money that had been donated and were clearly enjoying knowing how much joy their purchases would bring to the young recipients. It brought so much joy to me to see both the compassion and the initiative in these folks. With young people like this, our future is in good hands!

RANT to unsafe conditions in grocery stores. The other weekend, I was in two grocery stores. Neither were checking the number of people coming in and both stores were packed. However, most of the shoppers were not actual customers, but Instacart or Amazon Prime professional shoppers. There was no social distancing and often they would reach over me to grab an item. The stores owe it to the actual customers to adhere to the state’s restrictions on the number of shoppers. Perhaps have an Instacart hour or something like that, but the way the stores are operating now is frankly dangerous.   

RAVE to Patrick at Lynnwood Honda for catering to my special needs. After arriving with no reservation, he honored my request to stay in my car. I parked at their curbside service area after my cancer treatment appointment that morning and my battery was changed within minutes of arriving. So appreciate their continued excellent service.

RANT to the National Football League. Billions of dollars flow through the league every year, but somehow there isn’t a properly fitting mask on any of the coaches and players on the sidelines in any of the games. Coaches all over the place with noses hanging out. Come on, NFL, get it together.

RAVE to the people on Nextdoor who help each other find lost pets, warn about car prowlers, gather blankets for those experiencing homelessness and so forth. It’s a great service, especially in the time of COVID-19.


RANT to distracted drivers. While on my way to the grocery store the other day, I decided that if the virus doesn’t get me, all the people talking and texting on the phone while driving will. 

RAVE to the employee at the Costco on Fourth Avenue who saw me pondering how to get the giant box of groceries from the bottom of my shopping cart into my car, and offered to lift it for me. Great service attitude!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the blue car that scraped my fender in Greenwood the other day without leaving a note. Rave to the witness who left me a note and a license number. Thank you!