RAVE to the Woodland Park Zoo staff for taking great care of the tiny winged-creatures in the butterfly garden, even checking each visitors’ clothing for “hitchhikers” when they leave the garden to ensure no butterflies escape — and for being knowledgeable and having a great, generous attitude about this important work!

RAVE to the two kind souls who fixed my flat tire at the Lynnwood Artesian Well. I had recently sprained my ankle, and didn’t think I was up to the task. While I was considering who to call for help, a woman with a sunny smile offered to assist me with changing the spare tire. We hadn’t been at it long when a man offered help with the very tight lug nuts. They saved me so much time and money! I’m sorry I didn’t think to ask your names. I am amazed at how willing you were to help a stranger in need. I won’t forget either of you, and will pay your kindness forward.

RANT to the Mariner Moose for trying to disrupt the Boston pitcher in the ninth inning of a recent game. It’s one thing when fans try to disrupt the flow of free-throw shooters or field-goal kickers; it’s quite another when an official team representative does it standing directly behind home plate for the whole world to see. Picking his nose, waving his hands and jumping up and down shows what a really classless act this current moose is. Also, is it really necessary for him to prance on top of the dugout in the ninth inning disrupting the view of the fans? It should be embarrassing for the organization.

RAVE to Sea-Tac Airport ground transportation workers. I took a cab home after my long flight and left my wallet in the cab. I didn’t know the cab company’s name so I didn’t know who to call. I called Sea-Tac ground transportation. They went above and beyond to locate the cab, using time stamps with a description of my clothing and bags. They located it. I am so grateful!

RAVE to the staff at a Seattle restaurant when our group of seniors arrived to celebrate a birthday. We tried to dine outside because a couple of the ladies are still leery of COVID-19 however after several valiant attempts to rearrange the tables so we wouldn’t get wet it was clear that was not going to work so we decided to go up to another eatery instead. The staff very graciously took those who wanted to up in the elevator saving a couple of our more mobility challenged the hassle of going back outside. Much appreciated and above the call of duty.

RANT to a Seattle-based airline. We have to change a reservation for a flight tomorrow and it can’t be done online. The current wait time to talk to an agent is three to four hours! And I thought other airlines were bad at 45 minutes. This seems like the worst in an industry that used to pride itself on customer service.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the fella in a jacked-up truck who went ballistic on a minivan-driving fella for driving rather slowly on a Burien thoroughfare the other day in the late morning. The aggressor went for two roll-down-the-window, yell-ferociously, quickly-roll-the-window-back-up moves in about a half block, and managed to almost drive into oncoming traffic. Turned out we (the observers) were pulling into the same supermarket as he (the aggrieved). Rave to karma, who managed to let us find a parking spot in the packed parking lot, get out and be nearly into the store before we saw this fella, white-knuckled, still searching for a spot.