RAVE and thank you to the scuba divers who collect trash from our waters. And another rave to all who pick up trash from our streets and parks. You are the best.

RANT to all the diners who “camp out” for hours taking up a server’s table for hours. We servers are assigned a small section of tables and when you stay over two hours and don’t tip accordingly, it hurts! You know who you are!

RAVE to the four guys who leapt out of their cars to push my husband’s vehicle out of the middle of Aurora Avenue the other afternoon. The gas gauge in his ’84 Corvette read “full” but was actually totally “E” for empty. Thanks, gentlemen, for helping him out of a potential traffic tie-up situation. He sensed something was amiss and was headed in the right direction, so near yet so far.

RANT to a lack of color. Why do developers insist on taking us back to the ’50s, when everything on TV was black, white and gray? Of the 10 new vertical living units recently put on the market in my view, every single one of them is either black or gray or some combination of the two. It’s the same all over town. As if Seattle needs more gray! Enough with the bleak and depressing black and gray reality of 1950s TV. If they must take the complete view of the sky, please give us some color!

RAVE to the kind and honest soul who saw my forgotten purse hanging from a chair at a Wallingford espresso bar and brought it inside to the staff. They had it ready when I called in a panic. You made my day!

RANT to people who don’t know how long 30 feet is (that would be two car lengths). If a sign says “no parking within 30 feet” and you can’t park two cars in front of you, you are too close. It does not mean if your bumper doesn’t touch the sign. And another rant for city of Seattle parking enforcement for not ticketing cars on Northwest 65th Street at 32nd Avenue Northwest. It is hard to navigate the corner because of inconsiderate parking.

RAVE to an employee at the Tacoma WinCo. I was at a self-checkout when I realized they don’t accept credit cards or checks. So I didn’t have to go to another checkout line to pay with a check, the cashier paid almost $4 for my shortage. I couldn’t thank her enough for her kindness!

RANT to those who talk loudly on cellphones while walking through neighborhoods at 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Please stop! Some of us have another hour of sleep coming.