RANT to a fellow dog owner who didn’t offer any help when I tripped over my dog into the muddy grass at the park. The other day, I took my very enthusiastic and hyper puppy to Lakewood Park, on a rare sunny afternoon following three days of constant and classic Seattle rain. The grassy park was barren of people except for a woman with her own dog. I was running with my puppy on leash and tripped, somersaulting over my dog, sliding and tumbling into the muddy grass. Watching this event unfold, the woman did not ask if I was OK or offer any help. I was wearing a mask and she could have easily offered aid in a safe manner. Next time, please lend a hand to a fellow dog owner. In a time of increased divisiveness and hostility, acts of kindness and caring are especially crucial. 

RAVE to Ken Jennings for hosting “Jeopardy!” — you did a fabulous job, Ken. Alex is smiling down and pleased as punch!

RANT to those not wearing masks around the University of Washington campus. My wife and I frequently visit the Union Bay Natural Area and the grounds of the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. As senior citizens and alumni, we enjoy the beautiful trails and pathways for outdoor exercise. What we do not enjoy is the large percentage of those on the trails, not always at a safe distance, refusing to wear masks and responding rudely, and occasionally in a threatening manner, when asked to do so.

RAVE to the wonderful hostess, Carmen, and the owner of BluWater Bistro in Leschi. Thank you for creating a beautiful and safe space for our family to eat out during the pandemic. Carmen was gracious, strong and polite as she upheld her restaurant’s policies of prohibiting large groups from dining-out in restaurants due to the pandemic. She did so despite being disrespected by a young man and his friends who were trying to be seated as a group of 10 to 12. My family had only been able to eat out once in the last 10 months, and it was a treat to be able to go to a restaurant again. We had a safe environment to eat, amazing food and gracious staff. Thank you for keeping our community safe. We appreciate you.

RANT to the driver who took a right turn at Northeast 43rd Street, cut off and nearly hit a biker in the southbound Roosevelt Way bike lane. Rant to the same bicyclist who then blew through the red light at Eastlake and Fuhrman avenues. 

RAVE to the families of Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club and Rainier Yacht Club who took their beautifully lit boats out and paraded around Lake Washington, despite the cold weather, since the Argosy Christmas Ships could not operate because of the pandemic. It made our evening each time they did it.