Rave to dog owner, courtesy after near-accident, walkers collecting litter, first responders; rant to fast trail riders, discouraging geese, hesitant pedestrian

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RAVE To “Baby Pie,” the miniature dachshund, and his lovely owner, who allowed me to take their picture to share with my husband, who is ill. As predicted, it brightened his day! Little things can mean so much. I hope your kindness comes back to you, tenfold.

RANT To the PEDESTRIAN who insisted I had the right of way as I sat in my car at an intersection waiting for oncoming traffic to stop for him so he could cross. We had a to and fro as he kept insisting I had the right of way and I kept insisting he did. I finally drove on because he wasn’t going to cross despite my waiting. No, buddy, YOU had the right of way and when you’re in your car, remember that a pedestrian at an intersection, whether it has a marked crosswalk or not, has the right of way. Check the law. I did.

RAVE To the first responders who seemed to appear out of nowhere when I became faint at a bookstore, staying with me until I had time to recover. Thank you, Seattle police and firefighters.

RANT When is something going to be done about the inconsiderate bikers on the Burke Gilman and Sammamish trails? They speed, don’t say anything when passing, and pass too close to pedestrians and other cyclists. This is a safety issue, and signs aren’t cutting it. We need enforcement before someone gets seriously hurt by one of these jerks.

RAVE To the driver who tried to make a sudden lane change and almost slammed into our car. After screeching tires and honking horns, we were side by side at a stop light and she motioned for us to roll down our window. We were ready to hear road rage but instead she offered a genuine apology and my husband answered “I understand, no harm done, we’ve all made mistakes! Makes your heart leap though, doesn’t it?” She agreed and we laughed together and wished each other well as we drove off. Rave to both drivers for avoiding the accident and treating each other with kindness.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the young guy who silently refused to move from the senior/disabled seats. Rave to the helpful off-duty TSA staff who asked him politely but firmly to move.

RAVE To morning walkers carrying bags to collect cans, bottles, trash along their way to make a real difference. They are our street saints!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to community-management staff who protected a pair of geese tending a nest at the edge of the lakeside property for a month. Rant to the same people who then placed Mylar streamers and pinwheels to try to keep them off the property because they poop. The geese were here long before humans, we moved into their neighborhood, they didn’t move into ours.