RAVE to the staff at The Container Store in Bellevue. I lost my wedding ring when washing my hands in their bathroom. I discovered this that evening. The staff went out of their way to find it. A wonderful customer found it and turned it in so I could get my 35-year-old ring back. They are awesome. 

RANT to the pizza commercials that go into slow motion when a slice is being taken from the pie. Showing the cheese is a psychological ploy. I never get that with my pizzas as they are cut all the way through and I have to ask for extra cheese. Such commercials are a bit over the top and cheesy.

RAVE to those who choose to work in our city shelters. Their dedication to supporting those struggling with life’s challenges is remarkable.

RANT to the persons who trash public restrooms with no apparent respect or consideration for the next user or for the person who maintains the facility. I don’t understand your intentions but your impact stinks.

RAVE to the EMTs of the Bellevue Fire Department and especially to Spencer who was with me in the ambulance after an accident. He was calm, cool and even funny. All very much appreciated.

RANT to the inconsiderate person who dumped a box spring and mattress at the Duthie Hill Park southwest parking lot. You took the time to load them onto a vehicle, how much more effort would it have taken to take the mattress set to a transfer station instead of dumping your trash for someone else to deal with?


RAVE to the volunteer trail maintainers spending their weekend maintaining the trails in the Issaquah Alps. They were improving drainage and making the trails more enjoyable.

RANT to the Chinese restaurant whose fortune cookies had no fortune!

RAVE to the teen who jumped into action on our walk in Mukilteo. I was holding the leash of our large dog while pushing the stroller carrying our young granddaughter. When the dog lunged at a passing barking dog the stroller started to tip over. This young man sprang to action and caught the stroller before it completely tipped. Despite being thanked and praised by several of us he just smiled and said he had quick reflexes.

RANT to cable entertainment and news channels for creating programming only accessible by paying additional fees, by enticing viewers for a few shows then blocking regular access unless viewers join up and fees are paid.

RAVE to the kind woman who helped us at the Edmonds Senior Center. When the 50-inch painting I bought wouldn’t fit into my car, she offered to take it home for us in her larger SUV. I hope she likes my homemade tomato jam as a little thanks.