RANT to the people fishing off the marina pier in Edmonds the other day. It is never OK to throw rocks at the heads of sailors going past and yell obscenities at them. If you think they are too close, kindly ask them to tack away! 

RAVE to the man who helped me up after I fell down in the University District. You were so patient and kind! Also the first stranger I had touched in a year. It would have been easier, and expected, to just keep walking, but you didn’t. Thank you. Hoping the future brings you peace and prosperity.

RANT to people using those electric scooters. Park them on the parking strip, not on sidewalks, where they impede foot traffic.

RAVE to the little boy walking with his mother and little sister who gave me a lovely pink petal. He had a stack of them to pass out. What a joyful gesture. Another rave to my 4-year-old neighbor telling me about her visit to the aquarium on her birthday. When I said I loved aquariums, she said, “Well, let’s go on your birthday.” I will be 82 and delighted to go. Bless the children.

RANT to Metro bus 255 and Sound Transit bus 542 for recent elimination of the bus stop on Northeast Pacific Street across from the University of Washington Medical Center. The relocation of this stop to Montlake Boulevard at Husky Stadium makes it very difficult or impossible for patients and visitors to walk to UWMC. With this change, patients, visitors and others will find it impossible or very inconvenient to access UWMC.

RAVE to the dad and daughter who rescued a family of ducklings from Sand Point Way. An entire family had tumbled into the street from the grassy median and could not scale the curb to get back to their distressed mama. A box and a gentle scoop, and mama was very happy. 


RANT to people who talk on their phones while walking outdoors. For me, it is my quiet/reflection time. I don’t want to hear about your family/love affairs or business dealings. Do all that at home and let me walk in peace!

RAVE to Washington’s Lottery for its creative “Imaginations Unite” ads. These ads are employing local actors and production teams who have been out of work for most of the year, including my husband. They are professionally and safely produced, and included a person whose sole job was to ensure COVID-19 safety measures were taken, especially when cameras were rolling and the actors had to take their masks off. They are whimsical at a time when reality is depressing, and best of all, if you don’t find them amusing, they are only 30 seconds long.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the accesso ShoWare Center for having walk-up vaccines available. There was a lot of interest judging by the long line. Rant to having to stand in that long line after signing up and securing a Saturday morning time slot online.