RANT to the family who chose a line at Dick’s, sent a kid to the other line and then moved the whole family over at the last minute. Pick a line and stick with it! You are training your kids to cut in line.

RAVE to the Tokyo Paralympic Games and the Paralympians who participated. Just watching the Paralympians competing in numerous sports, I got very emotional and teary-eyed. Every Paralympian with physical disabilities is truly a witness of their “I’m possible!” spirit. The Paralympics gave us a moment to rethink the sense of true value. Big hands to everyone, and thank you.

RANT to the big grocery stores that crow “3 for $10!” but you have to buy all three to get the savings! Fine if you have a big family, but ridiculous if you live alone and can’t possibly use three roast chickens, five loaves of bread, etc. It’s a growing practice and very disappointing.

RAVE to the thoughtful man who saw us looking at iPads at Costco and stopped to tell us that one of them was on sale in the mailed flyer next week. We got $70 back!

RANT to jigsaw puzzle manufacturers. For decades, I’ve gotten to a certain point with each puzzle I’ve worked, looked at the holes and thought, “There can’t possibly be enough pieces,” but I’ve never been disappointed. Yet, the last two puzzles I’ve worked there has been a duplicate piece. This must mean there ARE brand-new puzzles missing pieces. I know the pandemic upped demand but haste makes waste.

RAVE to the lady from Redmond who gave me the extra money to buy two prints at a garage sale! She hugged me and said, “Don’t you think we need more people like  this in the world?!”


RANT to motor vehicle operators — they don’t meet criteria of “driver” — who come to a near stop in the traffic lane, turn on their indicator and only then move into the center turn lane. The purpose of the center lane is so that those leaving the roadway interfere as little as possible with moving traffic. The first order of business should be to get clear of moving traffic, then slowing down.

RAVE to the amazingly kind nurses at the Virginia Mason Jones Pavilion center. I had a procedure done the day after losing my best friend of 44 years. As uncontrollable tears ran down my face, they were so supportive and wonderful. By the time my procedure was to start, I felt much better and ready to go. I can’t thank them enough!

RANT to, “Your call is important to us, please stay on the line.” Companies do not need to tell us this every 30 seconds. That’s why you added music. If there is music, we are aware that we are still on hold and don’t need to be reminded AGAIN that we are still on hold.