Readers rant about closed streets after game, rave about help for elderly mom

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RANT Driving to meet my husband’s train arriving at 10 p.m. at Union Station, the police had closed off all of the streets around the station for blocks because of postgame stadium traffic, making it impossible to get in or out of the station. What should have been a half-hour trip to pick him up turned into an hour and a half.  Really? A “world-class city” closes off its main railroad station for a game and the heck with anyone else?

RAVE To the people of Bellevue who encounter my 93-year-old mom as she goes grocery shopping. She always has a story or two about how kindly people treat her, helping her reach things and allowing her extra time. We kids don’t like her grocery shopping and doing all the things she does on her own, so are very grateful for the kindness continually shown her. A special rave to the young man down the street who sees her drive by and walks over to help her carry in her groceries!