RAVE to the man who pulled up next to my partner and me on Montlake while we waited at a traffic light with our convertible top down. He rolled down his window and said, “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” I replied with, “But of course.” It was just like in those old Grey Poupon mustard commercials! It was such a simple “microaffection,” but with so much tearing at people from all sides these days, it was a sweet, uplifting and humorous moment.

RANT to time changes. Washington has failed to continue in the fight for the end of twice-a-year time changes. At one point, pre-pandemic, this state had requested yearlong daylight saving time. That meant no more time changes. Somehow, we are still changing our clocks twice a year. Pick a time and stick to it!

RAVE to the person who found and turned in our lost car keys at Snoqualmie ski resort in inches of powder. We were stranded with our 3-year-old and no one was traveling through the pass for us to get home. You reinstilled in us the basic goodness of people.

RANT to those who rant and rave. Get a life!

RAVE to all the careful and considerate pedestrians and bikers who wear light-colored and reflective clothing as the “Big Dark” comes to an end. I appreciate you not making me a part of the death wish that the willfully unsafe and invisible others seem proud of. 

RANT to WSDOT, which seems to have completely acquiesced to graffiti artists along Interstate 90 and Interstate 5 in proximity to Seattle. WSDOT’s webpage for reporting graffiti disappeared months ago, and graffiti pieces continue to accumulate and grow in size, making Seattle look like Brooklyn in the 1970s.

RANT to all the folks who ask the same question when they hear my news that I am planning to retire at the end of the year: “What are you going to do?” After being an RN for over 43 years, I am going to relax!


RANT to techies fussing and moaning about returning to in-person work. Sorry, time to join the rest of us.

RAVE to the folks outside the restaurant in La Conner watching me parallel park in a tight spot on a narrow street. I got it on the first attempt and as I got out of the car two guys said “Ten points! We didn’t think you’d make it and would leave, but you made it on the first try!”

RANT to King County for being so quick to lift vaccine restrictions in restaurants and gyms on March 1 just when there might be a hope of going out more.

RANT to “following the science.” Nothing about what Gov. Inslee has said or done has had anything to do with science. It’s politics through and through, like his March 21 relief date. 

RAVE to a fellow Northgate Library patron.  Upon returning home, I realized my driver’s license, credit card and bus pass were missing.  I checked back at the front desk and, sure enough, some nice person had found the items and turned them in.  Thank you for your honesty and easing my considerable panic.