RANT to Seattle City Light. When they replace poles, why do they leave the original poles in place? They’re not only installing stinking new poles saturated with carcinogenic, persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic creosote in our neighborhoods, but also doubling the number of poles. That doesn’t sound like a community-centered utility to me.   

RAVE to acts of kindness. Last week, my husband was delivered home in a wheelchair after being in rehab for a broken hip. We live on a hill in Magnolia and had told the rehab providers it would take two men to get him into our house, but they only sent one. So after standing on the sidewalk making calls to higher-ups to try to solve it, I saw an appliance delivery truck go by. I flagged them down and told them our problem. These two big strapping guys were happy to help get my husband down to the house. It solved a huge problem for us and reinforced our belief in the goodness of others. We can’t thank them enough. 

RANT to the Seattle Parks and Recreation employees who direct mower clippings onto tennis courts. Isn’t it enough that the courts are already littered with last winter’s leaves, branches and other rubbish?

RAVE to the two gentlemen who bought lunch for four ladies celebrating birthdays at the Coho Cafe in Issaquah. I know we couldn’t have been more surprised, and these ladies have never been (that) speechless! Your thoughtfulness and generosity helped make our birthdays even more enjoyable.

RANT to the many requests for money (90% of my mail, most of my texts and phone messages) that I receive each and every day. And every one of them strongly hints that if elephants are poached, children starve or butterflies die, it’ll be on me.  I’m not working! When I was, I’d occasionally pony up $20 here and there for some worthy cause … that got me on every mail and call list this side of Mars.

RAVE to all the bicyclists, skateboarders and scooter riders who weave in and out of traffic and play chicken with cars and trucks. You are FODs: Future Organ Donors. We geezers depend on you. Don’t let us down. So pop in those earbuds, pull up that hoodie, jump on those wheels and go, go, go.

RANT to the people who put their recycling in a plastic garbage bag. News flash: Plastic garbage bags are not recyclable, and your plastic trash bag in the recycling truck contaminates the entire truckload in a recycling system that is already very inefficient. Free your recyclables! No trash bags!

RAVE to CPR training and a successful resuscitation at Concourse C at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport the other day. Rave to the bystander who yelled for help, to the gate agent who ran for an AED and to fellow passengers who performed CPR until paramedics arrived to take over. Best wishes to the survivor.