RANT Ten of us went to a small Italian restaurant for a celebration, and to hear one another we had to raise our voices over the restaurant’s loud music. We made several polite requests to have the music turned down but were told that the staff enjoys it loud and likes to “boogie!” The staff will be happy to know that they will be able to “boogie” to their heart’s content with their loud music as our future gatherings will not be held at their restaurant. It’s unfortunate, since the food was excellent, but when we go out to eat, many of us prefer to enjoy the food and camaraderie without having our eardrums challenged by a barrage of unnecessary loud recorded music.

RAVE To all who sign up to be organ donors, with an extra salute to the person who donated the cornea that was transplanted into my right eye last week. When it heals my eyesight will be better than it’s been for 20 years. Organ donation is a great and selfless gift. The donor isn’t here to see the benefits it provides, but please know that this recipient, and everyone who receives such a gift, along with their family and friends, deeply appreciates it.

RANT To the convertible driver with no passenger in the I-5 carpool lane with a cellphone in his ear and throwing trash out of the car. Your disrespect for the law and the environment is disgusting.

RAVE To weather forecasters for their critically important warnings about swimming in cold lakes and rivers in warm weather. Cold water kills, quickly, as shown by many tragedies. I hope our forecasters keep droning on about this preventable danger all summer long. Just think of the lives they might save!

RAVE AND RANT Rave for light rail expansion. I love Link light rail, it’s amazing to get between the UW station and downtown in minutes. Rant for the consistently late bus from the UW station to get home that’s scheduled to come every 7-10 minutes but the wait is often twice that long, and when it finally arrives it’s packed to an unsafe level. Sadly, it makes me want to drive my car.

RANT To the person who blocked a parking spot for people with disabilities by leaving a rental bicycle there.

RAVE To everyone in Poulsbo who helped when my dog bolted off. One couple said they’d seen her a mile up the road, then came back with their car to help me look for her! It turns out after my dog stopped traffic on the highway, a good Samaritan picked her up and took her to a local vet, where they called the number on her tag and connected with my wife on our boat. We didn’t have a car, so a person there put the dog in his truck and brought her back to me.