RAVE to the many new pandemic puppy (and rescue dog) owners whose pets brighten their days and ours. Dog walking is a great social and recreational activity anyway, even better now.  

RANT to the jerks who break through the barriers at Magnuson Park near Kite Hill and drive up the hill to spin doughnuts and tear up the turf. Such disrespect to a beautiful location where people like to gather. Then, they continue their destruction by breaking glass all over the parking lots and paths.

RAVE to the Seattle Metro Pickleball Association! The group has purchased and distributed high-performance squeegees to outdoor pickleball courts in the Seattle area. This generous gift to the pickleball players of Seattle makes it possible for those of us needing an outlet for physical activity and some sense of “normalcy” to gather safely outside, even in rainy conditions. The courts can be squeegeed dry enough to make us safe. City leaders, please notice that we need a way to keep our sanity and physical health, especially now, and pickleball is a way to do it. Thank you, Seattle Metro Pickleball Association!

RANT to Seattle Department of Transportation street sweepers for not going the extra mile to sweep my street, which is famous for being one of the leafiest in the city. I pick up my leaves day after day this time of year. When will you be coming to north Capitol Hill? My husband says you don’t come because the potholes are too big!

RAVE to Ethan, 12, from Renton, whose artwork on my QFC bag made me smile in Edmonds!

RANT to QFC at Harvard Market. I am 86 years old and have shopped there for at least eight years. I have a card on my key ring that the cashier swipes to itemize my purchases and give me the amount I owe. Because of the virus, I have called the store to order goods for curbside pickup. I said I would take a picture of the card and/or give them the numbers, but I am now told I must open an online account. It seems that the store is not interested in providing service to long-term customers who have difficulty with, or do not want to set up, electronic accounts.

RAVE to the kind and honest Kirkland citizen who received my Amazon package in the mail the other day. I saw in my email that it was delivered on my porch in the afternoon. However, I was working in the yard at this time and never saw someone from the U.S. Postal Service. I knew it was delivered to the wrong address. I later found the package in my mailbox. I wish they would have delivered it to my door so I could thank them!

RANT to all those people who come over to Leavenworth and walk about in large groups, not wearing masks.