RAVE To people who stop and buy lemonade from children at roadside stands. Sure, you can get better lemonade at the store, but it means so much to the kids to make a sale. Seeing them beam when I stop has more sunshine than all their lemonade!

RANT To people who decide for themselves which laws to follow and those that don’t apply to them. From the Constitution down to city-traffic laws, if we don’t follow laws, we’re nothing but a third-world country.

RAVE When my husband died suddenly, two Seattle police officers came to our apartment in addition to medical personnel. They both quietly expressed their condolences, asked me how I was doing and if there were anything they could do to help, and stayed until they were sure I was OK. They clearly had been trained in this protocol, which is so important, and made a difficult time less stressful with their kindness and empathy.

RANT & RAVE Rant to the woman who thought she had the right of way in a roundabout and followed us for four blocks, laying on the horn the whole time. Everything about this was wrong. Rave to our 2-year-old who thought her honking was hilarious.

RANT After sending more than $200 to several recent graduates this past spring and not receiving one thank-you note, I’m wondering if that polite acknowledgment is no longer taught. I don’t even know whether the congratulations money was received. I’ll hesitate to give in the future.

RAVE To the lovely family who helped my husband navigate the descent of the Franklin Falls trail. He has Alzheimer’s and loves to hike, but he had become tired, and we were helping him. It’s so nice to know that there are people out there that are willing to give assistance.


RANT I was stuck in a traffic backup when the First Avenue South Bridge was closed for boat traffic, no big deal, but what was frustrating was getting stuck a SECOND time when the bridge was raised for another boat five minutes later! Marine traffic needs to wait in consideration of road traffic.

RAVE My son recently broke his arm, and I decided to surprise him and try to get tickets to “Wicked” 30 minutes before a performance. An employee was helping us when a man shouted “Can anyone use a free ticket?” I said we’d love it, and the helpful employee found a nearby seat I could buy. That same gentleman came to our balcony seats at intermission and said he had a surprise for my son, a seat in the eighth row! What a stupendous thing to do for a young boy!

RANT To the cyclists who bring rental bikes to Discovery Park and then drop them haphazardly on paths and trails. There was even one dumped in a beautiful ravine where it looked to be irretrievable.