Readers rave about State Patrol, gender-diversity conference, DOT workers, Seattle Animal Control, help after cat died; rant about rude stranger, messy yards, singing along at Seattle Opera, campaign signs

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RAVE To the State Patrol officers who were so kind when I was stuck on the freeway in rush-hour traffic for two hours waiting for a tow truck. It was a hot day, I had my four dogs with me and it was very scary, stalled in a middle lane. The officers brought me water and checked on me repeatedly, and with such a positive, reassuring attitude.

RANT To the woman sitting behind me humming and singing along at a performance of Seattle Opera’s “Porgy and Bess.” I didn’t pay to listen to her. Get a clue — it’s not a singalong! Go sing at “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” if you must, but not at an opera or any professional musical.

RAVE To the people who helped when my cat Buho was killed by a car. I was distraught and a kind man helped me to bring Buho to the sidewalk and comforted me. Two SPD officers arrived and were also comforting, staying with Buho while I went to get a blanket to bring him home.

RANT To the motorcycles and loud cars who think Alki Avenue is a racetrack on weekends. This is a neighborhood with real people and pets living here. Please, Seattle police, do something.

RAVE To the amazing staff at the Seattle Animal Shelter and all the great volunteers who take care of all types of animals and help them find wonderful new homes. Thanks for all you do.

RANT Candidates who aren’t moving on to the general election need to take down their signs.  It’s visual pollution.

RAVE To the Seattle Department of Transportation workers who are doing a fine job on a neighborhood repaving project. They patiently take time to answer our questions and always have a friendly word for our little grandsons who love watching the machinery and workers in action.

RANT To the 30-something buyers who paid over a million dollars for each of four new homes in my neighborhood and don’t take care of them. It’s bad enough that houses replaced beautiful trees, but try spending less time on backyard parties and more time pulling a few weeds or mowing your yard, or, looking at your expensive cars, maybe you could afford a gardener.

RAVE To the organizers of the recent gender-diversity conference, a fantastic forum to help people and families with understanding, support and information from health-care providers. No one was turned away based on whether they could afford the entrance fee. Kudos from someone who needs this event.

RANT To the young man who leaned out of his car and yelled “(Expletive) you!” while we were walking on the sidewalk with our walkers. We’re 86 and 89 — what did we do to deserve this, live too long? Would you like your grandparents, or yourself in the future, to be treated like this?