Readers rave about LifeCenter Northwest, Seattle VA hospital, shelter dog, mural, Seward Park, help with capsized canoe; rant about smaller airplane restrooms, too-soon back-to-school sales, gossiping workers, being called "ladies"

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RAVE AND RANT My son was an organ donor; it’s been four years since his death. Rave to LifeCenter Northwest for the amazing services they provide to donor families, including a way for people who have received lifesaving donations to contact the donor’s family to say thank you, anonymously if they wish. We gave LifeCenter Northwest a letter to send to all the organ recipients and only one responded. Rant to those who didn’t respond. It adds to our pain that our sacrifice hasn’t been acknowledged.

RAVE To the people who’ve worked diligently the past few years to cover graffiti on a wall in White Center, and to the artist who recently painted a beautiful mural on the wall. Hopefully it will be a deterrent to future graffiti.

RANT To the man and woman on the ferry dressed in company-logo gear, loudly complaining about their co-workers by name.  You never know who might be sitting beside you.

RAVE To the family who had to relinquish their 7-year-old dog, Duke, due to landlord restrictions. They obviously loved him very much and took time to train him well. I adopted him from a shelter and he’s now romping the fields at my farm. What a great guy he is! I’m so lucky.

RANT To restaurant employees and others who insist upon endlessly using the term “ladies.”  My friends and I are not dining with “gentlemen” and are smart, strong women who don’t wish to be addressed in this condescending way.  Try asking “Are you ready to order?” or “Would anyone like a dessert menu?” without tacking on this demeaning and unnecessary word.  You might get a better tip!

RAVE To Mike, Stephanie and family for hauling our life-jacketed, scared dog and us onto their boat and helping us right our rented canoe after it capsized near Husky Stadium. Wish I’d had more than a beer and a thank you for them. Ships ahoy!

RANT  To stores that start advertising back-to-school supplies shortly after the school year ends. Can’t they let kids and parents enjoy some of summer without having to think about school starting in the fall?

RAVE To the southeast district of the Seattle Parks Department, especially to its employees who maintain the lovely landscaping, trails and paths in Seward Park and along Lake Washington Boulevard. Seward Park is such a treasure thanks to all that they do!

RANT To airlines that are narrowing restrooms to add a row of seats. It must be a decision made by males. Current plane restrooms already limit the ability of females to maneuver themselves.

RAVE To the staff at the Seattle VA hospital for their care and comfort to our brother before his passing, and for the compassion they showed us afterward, sending us a wonderful card saying what a great patient and person he was. Thank you.