RANT to those who use leaf blowers. I work nights in an emergency room and have to get sleep during the day, but leaf blowers are so loud that earplugs and headphones aren’t enough to let me sleep. Please be open to day sleepers and put away the leaf blower!

RAVE to all those with raised bed gardens, using your yards and parking strips for growing food rather than lawns! Your gardens are lovely, and I envy the height of your sugar snap peas. For those who are still considering raised beds, it’s never too late for planting strawberries or more sugar snap peas.

RANT to scooter rentals that are in the way and rarely used during our extensive wet season; most users are helmetless and out of control.

RAVE to the U.S. Postal Service. I am the director of a small nonprofit organization that recently had to fulfill T-shirt orders from schools all over the country. There were nearly 100 packages, all different sizes and weights. This required many trips to the West Seattle post office over the course of about a week. Every package had to be weighed and posted separately. The postal workers were extremely patient, kind and efficient, even giving me tips on how to save money (an inch too long can make a big difference). After a few days and stacks of packages, these folks still seemed happy to see me! Best of all, every single package made it to its destination on time.

RANT to those who would try to impose their idea of “the rules of the road” on others while driving. How has that been working for you? Do you often find yourself closer to road rage than successfully teaching a lesson? You can be as dangerous as those who do break the law. Do all of us a favor and just concentrate on driving safely for you and everyone else on the road. Leave the law enforcement to those who are qualified.

RAVE to friends (who became more like family over the years) who gifted their stimulus checks to charities. Among them, one to the zoo so young families could take their children to have the experience, and one to me for new hearing aids after the loss of one from wearing a mask. Enjoy the zoo and a big rave to these fine folks.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the overuse of arborvitae for hedges. These trees, when young, remind me of cute little gnomes with pointy hats. They are fine in public settings, such as parks and cemeteries, but they want to become 50-foot giants, sucking water and life out of the soil. Rave to both my neighbors for sharing the costs to remove these plants and put in nice wooden fences. Now I can grow my own vegetables and put in a pollinator habitat for our bees and butterflies!