RAVE to all trash collectors. Those who go door to door each week, those who collect illegal dumping and those who pick up trash at homeless encampments in the city. Thank you for your efforts to keep our city clean. You are true heroes.

RANT to chiropractors and their staff who do not follow health recommendations to wear masks while working in their office and treating patients. You are endangering your patients, yourselves, your family and your community, and setting a poor example as trusted health care providers. Some patients have had to forgo chiropractic care because they are at higher risk. As medical professionals you should know better. As an industry that prides itself on a holistic and preventive approach to health, for chiropractors to not wear masks is unfathomable.

RAVE to all the cartoonists dealing with voting, the pandemic and masks in their own unique and wonderful voices. Art has no allegiance.

RANT to drivers who can’t, won’t or simply refuse to drive the speed limit and/or stay with the flow of traffic. If you look out your windshield and there is nothing but open road in front of you, then look in your rearview mirror and see a line of cars backed up behind you, you are driving too slow! It doesn’t matter if you are in a carpool lane or not. Just because you have two people in the car, you are not required to be in the carpool lane. Move to the far right on multilane roads, or pull over on one-lane roads. There is a law against impeding traffic. 

RAVE to our Whittier Heights neighbors who enthusiastically participated in our first child-centered Halloween event. While masked and socially distanced, we all enjoyed a few hours of reprieve from daily stress on such a beautiful day. Rave also to Dog in the Park hot dog stand for providing a festive and delicious focal point for our party. We appreciate this local business eagerly and professionally supporting our event. 

RANT to automated messages. I seem to have to spend too much time attempting to connect with a human voice when the taped voice does not have an answer to my reason for calling. Amazon is the worst, but even medical offices often take a long time to get me to a human who can answer my question.

RAVE to the man at the Houghton Recycling & Transfer Station who offered to help me unload the branches from my truck. He saw that I was a senior and willingly helped me, for which I was very grateful.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the group of five older adults who walk in our local cemetery daily without masks and without any attempt at social distancing. Such disrespect for the rest of us. Rave and thanks to the young masked mother who had all three of her youngsters wearing masks. A great lesson in social consideration and responsibility.