RANT to the childless couple behind me at the Bellevue Botanical Garden’s holiday light walk, who brought a stroller for their little dog and kept banging it into my heels from behind. I’m pretty sure dogs weren’t even allowed. Show some respect.

RAVE to all the polite, pleasant folks I’ve encountered at the grocery stores of late. People were smiling and not crowding each other and everyone wore masks. Yes, there were some ingredient disappointments, but nobody flipped out because there wasn’t any organic whipping cream or sweetened flaked coconut.

RANT to the new “style” of men wearing sneakers with business suits. Really?

RAVE to the person who hung small put-together toys in little plastic bags with red and green string on a tree in Ravenna Park. My 6-year-old nephew noticed the tree while walking home on Christmas Eve after a visit to Candy Cane Lane (another rave). He was delighted to walk around it admiringly. When I said that I thought the person who decorated the tree intended children to take one toy, his response was, “Wow, that’s the Christmas spirit!”

RANT to businesses that require you to have a smartphone to get a discounted price. Those of us who can’t afford the technology need the savings most.

RAVE to the people taking their coins in to their local stores who really need them in this time of coin shortage.


RANT to pedestrians on the wrong side of the road. When I was growing up, we were taught to walk or jog on the left side of the road, facing traffic when there were no sidewalks. Now, I see many people with their backs to traffic walking on the right side of the roadway paying more attention to their phones than to vehicles — often wearing earbuds. As long as the practice continues, we will continue to see more tragedies involving pedestrians on our roadways. Please walk facing traffic when there is no sidewalk available.

RAVE to the anonymous neighbor who put the first ornament on the evergreen near the entrance to our subdivision. You started a wave of good cheer! A second rave to all the neighbors who added more decorations. The tree is now a delightful holiday welcome to the neighborhood.

RANT to solo drivers with “Please Be Patient — Student Driver” bumper stickers. If you were truly a student, you would have an experienced driver with you. While I try to be patient with all drivers, if you are not prepared to drive in traffic with others, why are you on the road at all?

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the companies and government organizations that offer a callback service instead of making customers wait on hold. Rant to the companies and organizations that drop the call after holding for what seems like forever.