Readers rave about local movie theater, The Forgotten Children's Fund, VA hospitals, Kitsap Transit; rant about expensive skiing, venues taking pepper spray, electric vehicles not charging at charging stations

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RANT Electric-vehicle parking spots with chargers are for actively charging plug-in vehicles by law. I rely solely on public charging to keep my fully electric vehicle charged and check the plug-share app for available chargers, only to arrive to the spot and find it taken by a vehicle that isn’t charging. It’s extremely frustrating that people are so inconsiderate.

RAVE My husband and I are elves who deliver Christmas gifts from The Forgotten Children’s Fund to families in need. This year one family stood out in their love, caring, respect and teamwork: a mother and two teenage children, five young adopted children and seven foster children. The children were delightful, polite, well-behaved and cared about each other, offering help wherever needed. Their mother had each one draw a picture and write Santa a thank-you letter for us before we arrived. We were grateful to meet this loving mother and her precious children and be a part of their Christmas by providing gifts. The mother said she’d had an extremely challenging year and was grateful we came to her home. Luckily we had two extra bicycles in our truck to add for the children. Blessings, hugs and love to them from all of us at The Forgotten Children’s Fund.

RAVE To Kitsap Transit, which sent buses from around Port Orchard after the Dec. 18 tornado to help people stranded downtown at the ferry dock and helped us get around blocked roads to our cars. Thanks for your outstanding service during a very difficult time.

RANT To venues that confiscate women’s pepper spray. Is violating a woman’s right to defend herself getting home after a late-night event worth the minuscule chance she might attack someone at a concert? This policy was obviously created by men and needs to change.

RAVE For the VA hospitals in Seattle and Phoenix and their longtime support of my father, a former B-17 bombardier, who recently passed away. Their care made a huge difference in his and his family’s lives, helping him beat cancer 20 years ago and to recover and thrive after a cardiac arrest 12 years ago. On his last visit to the VA hospital in Seattle he was treated so kindly and respectfully by the staff.

RANT To the ski area making skiing unaffordable for working people, with an adult ticket at peak time including tax over $100. This isn’t Sun Valley, folks!

RAVE To the owner of our local family-owned movie theater who gave a treat to the audience at a showing of “Mary Poppins Returns,” coming to the front of the theater to give some history of the venue and his family, then tossing logo T-shirts to the audience! Before leaving, he made sure that every child there received a shirt, as well as many adults. What a lovely gesture on Christmas Eve day.