RANT to those who purchase a single ticket to a sporting event and are grumpy when sitting in a section of season ticket holders who regularly stand, cheer and yell with enthusiasm. If it’s so important to sit to watch a sporting event, then stay home and watch it on television from the comfort of your couch.

RAVE to the dozens of parents and community members in the Ridgecrest neighborhood who worked so hard helping to make the sidewalks en route to school ice-free and safe for kids. We know how much you are navigating right now, how much you are carrying and to take the time out of your day to help kids get to and from school safely without ice was such a generous gift. It takes a village. Thank you!

RANT to the owners of multiple high end restaurants in Seattle who are still using noncompostable to-go containers. You could and should be leading the charge to do anything possible to mitigate human-generated garbage. The technology is here, but it seems that the few extra cents per container is a deal breaker.

RAVE to all of the “ravers.” With so many challenges in our world I am grateful for the examples of goodness and kind people. We need this more than ever. One of my New Year’s resolutions? Read only the raves. Look for the good. Be kind.

RANT to the reckless snowboarder who hit me from behind while skiing at Crystal Mountain last week. I managed to ski down and visit an orthopedic surgeon who found I have a broken fibula caused by impact on my leg. At age 74, I always ski carefully so I can enjoy the sport as long as I’m able. These days, staying healthy and active is challenging enough without inconsiderate yahoos who don’t trouble to avoid hurting others.

RAVE to our Wedgwood mail carrier who is well-loved in our neighborhood. He recently noticed an elderly resident hadn’t brought in her previous day’s mail and notified her next-door neighbors. It was quickly determined the resident had fallen and spent hours on the floor unable to call for help. His actions brought quick medical assistance and hospital transport to our neighbor, saving her from more pain and waiting for rescue.

RANT to people who feel entitled enough to take shopping carts from stores to bus stops. Who do you think is going to go fetch them? You are one of the reasons we are paying higher prices. Bring your own wheeled cart!

RAVE to the nice man in the blue truck who parked in front of a coffee shop in Sammamish in the pouring rain to come inside and ask me if I had a red Tesla, because the back window was down and it was rainy and windy. He left so soon, I didn’t get his name. If you are reading this, thanks again. I will for sure pass it forward!