Seattle Times readers cheer for local businesses this week.

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Rant For the woman in the parking garage waiting for my parking spot. I was on a date with a man I really enjoy, we tried to kiss good night but didn’t because she was right behind my car with her blinker flashing. We got the message loud and clear but missed an opportunity for a lovely kiss.

Rave To Seattle Center for allowing people attending the memorial for the Fremont fire victims at KeyArena to park for free.

Rant To the man who brought his young son to the movie “Get Him to the Greek” — did you really think this was an appropriate father/son outing? Your son was clearly embarrassed. Your comment after the show that he was the youngest person in the theater showed your stupidity.

Rave To the Costco tire guy who helped us after we damaged our tire while driving home from a weekend trip. They didn’t have the tire we needed, but he checked out our spare to make sure we could make it home. Our family appreciated your time and your kindness. We made it safely, and you rock!

Rant To the college graduate who cursed me out on the phone. I wasn’t the one who denied you the job, I just answer the phone. When I told my boss the nasty things you called me he said, “This confirms why we decided not to hire him.”

Rave To the Bartell Drugs pharmacy staff who spent a great deal of time finding a doctor to write a prescription I really needed on a Sunday.

Rant To my little brother’s adopted mother, who promised she wouldn’t shut his siblings out of his life and now has. We did nothing to hurt our baby brother yet you deny us pictures and updates about him. Don’t judge us for our mother’s sins.

Rave To the person who returned my designer purse and all its contents to the lost and found at South Seattle Community College. Thank you!

Rant To the person who stole my 90-year-old mom’s container plants from her front yard. Please return the pots and go buy your own.

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