RAVE to the young highway patrolman whose kind guidance the other evening got me through my first-ever “chain-up” on Snoqualmie Pass. I was able to get to my family in Walla Walla safely.

RANT to drivers who don’t turn their car lights on when its dark. Now that we are into the dark time of the year, everyone needs to check their taillights, brake lights, blinkers and headlights. As I am driving around in the early evening, I notice many vehicles with one or more lights out. Please make sure all of your lights are functioning.

RAVE to the kind person who found our dog’s coat. We drove to Costco in Kirkland the other morning to beat the rush due to new COVID-19 restrictions. It was a mob scene, packed with cars and shoppers. My husband dropped me near the door and, apparently when leaving the car, I dropped our little dog’s beautiful winter coat somewhere in the parking lot. When we arrived home and realized it was missing I drove back to Costco, looked all over and didn’t find it. I was leaving the lot and happened to glance at the cart corral. Some wonderful person had found the coat and fastened it to the cart fencing. What a considerate thing to do during this very busy morning. Thank you so much for going to the trouble to see it and place it where it was found by a grateful family.

RANT to grocery stores that require you to purchase four or more items to receive the sale price. All this does is cause people to hoard, because if you just want one or two items, you have to pay full price.

RAVE to the radio stations that started playing Christmas music on Nov. 4. It was a tough Election Day. I had it turned on at work and it gave me a sense of calm to what had been chaos.

RANT to the large, nearly empty piercing shop that turned us away because bringing my 4-year-old to her sister’s first ear piercing was “too many people.” How else is a single mom supposed to take her daughter to get her ears pierced? I get that you need to have some restrictions, but please learn to have a little compassion. What should’ve been a fun, memorable day was filled with tears and disappointment. 


RAVE to all the young kiddos who walk about proudly wearing their masks! Acting very grown-up and modeling good behavior to all!

RANT to dog owners who leave bags of dog poop on top of overflowing trash at the park. Take them home and throw in your own garbage can!

RAVE to Pacific Northwest Ballet for an absolutely exquisite, innovative and nourishing season that is being presented online.