RAVE to the golden retriever that rescued Luke’s (Labrador and German shorthaired pointer mix) special ball at Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park the other day. You swam all the way across the river in current and then dropped the ball in front of Luke! You saved the day, and Luke got to go home with his ball. Thank you to your humans who encouraged you. You are an amazing dog! 

RANT to the Port of Seattle and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. I spent far more time trying to get out of the cellphone waiting lot than I did waiting. No wonder all those other people are ditching the lot altogether and illegally parking alongside the highway. Please install a left-only turn light and adjust the light sequencing to allow people to get in and out more easily.

RAVE to our neighbors, who when walking by our home noticed that our mugo pine was being attacked by sawfly larvae, which could have killed it. They left us a note telling us what it was and what to do about it. Thank you for making the effort!

RANT to library patrons who turn down the pages of books to mark their place and spill stuff all over the books. Checking out a library book doesn’t give you the right to abuse the book. How hard can it be to find a scrap of paper to use as a bookmark?

RAVE to the city of Seattle that I have known and loved for 56 years. To its majestic mountains, pristine lakes and shimmering Puget Sound. To its world-class health care and cutting-edge technology. Thank you Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon for your vast employment opportunities, tax revenue and putting us on the global map. To our first-class sports teams and venues, our gorgeous skyline and iconic Space Needle. Seattle, you are one of a kind and breathtakingly beautiful.

RANT to dog owners who let their dogs poop on sidewalks and walking areas. Even if you pick it up, there is still a poop smudge which gets on shoes. Please take your dog to designated areas for this activity.

RAVE to the woman who puts jigsaw puzzles in her Little Free Library! They’re such a joy to do, thanks for sharing yours!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the porch pirate who stole a package from our son’s house in Ballard. Rave to the responsible neighbor who found the box, which contained two bowling ball blanks plus a pair of new bowling shoes, and returned it to our son’s home. Last year, our son won the Washington State U.S. Bowling Congress Seniors Tournament for his age bracket, which qualified him to represent Washington in the National Senior Bowling Championships to be held later this year in Las Vegas. Hopefully, this new bowling equipment will help him win a national title.