RAVE to the very generous man who bought our entire Girl Scout cookie booth inventory and challenged us to give it all away for free. The smiles that you brought to the Maple Valley community were very heartwarming. The challenge was gladly accepted and accomplished! 

RANT AND RAVE Rave to each and every Girl Scout who asks me to purchase a box of cookies during their annual cookie sale to support their activities. Rant to me for eating all those cookies!

RANT to the existence of two words to mean the exact same thing, yet have two different spellings. Since when did “tonite” become an acceptable spelling of the word “tonight”? You go to a deli department of a store and it says “bologna,” yet most spell the meat product “baloney.” Isn’t it a bunch of baloney that the word “canceled” and “cancelled” are both proper spellings or is it o.k. (okay) to have different spellings of the same meaningful word?

RAVE to being able to visibly smile at other people again and have them smile back.

RANT to all the athletes (college and pro) that feel they have to have ugly tattoos on their bodies. They will have them the rest of their lives when they are not playing games anymore. ​

RAVE to journalists who put themselves in harm’s way and risk their own safety so that their readers/viewers can learn the latest news and updates from around the world.  


RANT to the city and mayor’s office, as I have almost been run over by a car walking on a dirt trail in Woodland Park twice! Seattle parks are not for off-road vehicle use. Parks are for walking and enjoying nature. When is the city going to clean up the parks, stop illegal off-road driving, and give the citizens of Seattle back our parks? 

RAVE to a helpful person. Recently, my wife got a flat tire on Juanita Drive Northeast close to Saint Edward State Park. She went to the nearby gas station to get help to no avail. Upon my arrival there, to my amazement, I found a gentleman, knelt down, almost finished mounting the spare tire. Apparently, he overheard the conversation and decided to do the job himself for the elderly lady. We tried to express our appreciation to him, but he left, saying humbly, “Give smiles to everybody.”

RANT to automobile manufacturers’ advertising agencies who advocate using the wilderness and sensitive environments to tout their vehicle’s off-road capabilities. Seeing pickups and SUVs driving roughshod over streams and beaches, forest floors and mountains is insensitive and destructive. 

RAVE to all the people who say yes to helping out their child’s school, their PTA and their sports teams. Don’t leave all the work to just a few volunteers — make it less work for everyone. We wouldn’t have all the benefits if it wasn’t for them. A big thank you from me.