RANT to the deli for selling what was marked as chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes but was actually a chicken cutlet. I know I’m a long way from Texas, but a chicken fried steak should be beef even in the Pacific Northwest.

RAVE to the runner on the Highway 520 bridge who was carrying a bag to pick up garbage as he was running. I noticed a considerable amount of garbage while I was biking toward Bellevue and much of it had been cleaned up on my return to Seattle. He is an inspiration to do the same when I’m walking or running. Great idea to adopt a trail, bridge, etc., to maintain. Hooray for community.

RANT to those who honk at drivers observing the “Do Not Block Driveway” signs by fire stations … and a question: How would you feel if EMTs or firefighters were delayed precious minutes because of cars blocking emergency vehicles on their way to you or a loved one who was ill or injured or whose house was on fire? Please think of the well-being of others before you hit the horn, and don’t block the driveway.

RAVE to the King County Library staff who, when they found an “In Loving Memory” card for my late husband, took the time to look up my name and address to mail it to me saying that “they thought I might like it back.” I use his memory cards as bookmarks and had returned a book with one still in it. That took some heart to even think to do that for a library patron.

RANT to otherwise ecologically responsible paper coffee filters adapted to Keurig machines that come packaged in a polypropylene blister. Where’s the advantage in that? 

RAVE to the new way King County is doing jury duty! Instead of sitting in a jury room all day (or several days) waiting to see if your number is called, you simply register your contact information. On your jury date, the court will contact you to schedule remote jury selection only if your juror number is drawn. I hope they never go back to the old way. Jury duty day at the beach was way more pleasant than sitting in a courthouse.

RANT to the individual(s) who stole a catalytic converter from an older blue Prius outside my house the other day near Volunteer Park. As the owner of the 2005 car was moving abroad, the car was going to be donated to a refugee family with three kids in three different schools. This was not a victimless crime. Some very vulnerable people will suffer as a result. 

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the “Cuties clinker” — the one tangerine in the mesh bag that looks like all the others but suddenly collapses into a putrescent blob about three days after purchase. Rave to the skill that it must take to identify and parcel out just one per bag.