RAVE to our Kenmore neighbors for decorating their sailboat in the front yard by the side of the road with festive holiday lights that shine bright and light up the darkness as you drive by!

RANT to only telling one side of the landlord/tenant relationship. Love the opportunity to tell you about our tenant who hasn’t paid rent for 16 months, owes us thousands of dollars, travels to California each month in his BMW and intentionally leaves the water running in his tub to jack up our water bill!

RAVE for the kind woman behind me in line at the grocery checkout counter who insisted on paying for my groceries when I found that I had lost my $80 cash in the store someplace. I had tucked it into my waistband for lack of pockets, and it fell out while shopping. I retraced my steps to no avail, and she waited to see if I found it. When I failed, she insisted on paying for my groceries. She wouldn’t give me her name but only said to “pay it forward” for someone else, or give it to my favorite charity.

RANT to the abbreviation LOL. If you have to explain that what you just said is hilarious, it isn’t. This is the lazy equivalent of a laugh track. Just let your excellent humor speak for itself. Don’t get me started on ROTFL.

RAVE to my West Seattle town house neighbor(s) who bring in all the garbage, compost and recycle bins on collection day, not just their own. I never see you do it, so I can’t thank you in person. I’m especially grateful to you when I’m working out of town and don’t have to worry about my bins being left out at the curb while I’m gone. Your thoughtfulness and acts of neighborly kindness are much appreciated! 

RANT to finger-licking TV chefs. This is unsanitary, and you are bad examples for your viewers. And don’t forget that we are still in an pandemic!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the many cars who successfully avoid driving through puddles next to the sidewalk. Rant to the big SUV driver that deliberately splashed right into it, spraying filthy freezing water all over this elderly pedestrian. What a bully. Do you also pull the wings off flies in your spare time?

RANT to idling cars. You, the person sitting in your car, just letting it idle while you look at your phone, or whatever, right outside our apartments. Your car exhaust? That’s the air we breathe. Heard of global warming? Letting your car run 20 minutes or so is just one more drop in that bucket. (If you are homeless and need to get warm, peace, but that still ends up being the air we breathe.) The rest of you, warm up your car, then turn it off and put on a jacket. My lungs thank you.